Lollipopo69 – Impregnated by Lisa’s stepdaddy HD 1080p

I just wanted to go to my best friend Lisa to pick her up when I rang the bell and her stepfather opened the door and was really horny for me. He started complimenting me and seducing me, Lsa was still in the bathroom getting ready, then suddenly he took out his cock and I fell to my knees and sucked his big cock. He grabs me really hard so that I moan loudly, then he asks me if I’m taking the pill, I said no, then I’ll get you pregnant now, he said and injected his cum into me. We’ll see soon if I’m pregnant.

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Lollipopo69 – Stepdaddy is early from work..! HD 1080p

My stepdaddy visits me for a few days, we get along great but I have the feeling that he is sometimes horny for me, especially when he sees me in panties. When I was in the bathroom last night he cocked and wanked on the door. I pretended not to notice anything. Unfortunately I can’t webcam or shoot clips when he’s around. Then the saving idea came to me, I can set up the camera and seduce him. The next day he came out of the office early, I was in the kitchen in sexy lingerie when he entered. He came closer to me immediately and got super horny at the sight, then he went to my pussy, I said we weren’t allowed to do that, he just kept going until I was super horny too, then he shoved his fat daddy cock in my Mouth … I could hardly breathe when blowing it was so big. He put me on the counter and rammed his cock into my tight pussy, he fucked me until I came several times. Actually, it should remain our secret that I let the camera run, he didn’t know. – German Daddy Daughter Incest

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Lollipopo69 – Step-Daddy’s morning wood impregnates me

When I got ready in the bathroom this morning … suddenly my step-daddy came in with a giant morning slut. Full of amazement over so much audacity, he said I should touch .. ok .. I said, then I was getting horny, then I got the bar pushed into his mouth … he said, my mum was just to the baker, because short time for a quick fuck. Boah! .. as he rammed the part into me, I thought it tears me! Such a big beating! He fucked me so hard and asked me casually if I take the pill .. I answered “No, why?” Too late .. he sprayed his complete wank in me .. am I pregnant now ??

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Lollipopo69 – Stepfather seduced to tense …!

My stepfather was visiting at the weekend, wanted to see if everything was right. When he saw me naked in my panties in the bathroom, his cock jumped straight away.. he asked me if I had already fucked an older man.. I was like, um… no.. and closed the door. The next day I thought I’d show him, the cheater.. I set up a camera in the bedroom and lured him in with my moans in the bedroom. After a short time the door opened and he stretched in and jerked off while doing it….then he sneaked in, grabbed me and pushed his pipe into my mouth….I got all wet from the sucked, he squeezed me on the bed and shoved his cock in without a condom….how he then fucked me no one believes me He definitely failed the loyalty test!

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Lollipopo69 – Daddy’s best friend double splash for stepdaughter. HD 1080p

Was invited to my family for a weekend … My dad’s best friend was there too … When he greeted me, he couldn’t believe his eyes how big and beautiful I was, he kissed me hard and said you were so sexy … I’m sure you will turn the whole boy’s head. I like this: “No, I’m actually solo” .. He: “Incredible, if I were still twenty years younger I would immediately fall in love with you.” I was very different from how he adored me. We sat and drank late into the night. The next morning the door opened quietly, I was lying in bed with only my panties on. It was my dad’s friend … he was only wearing a bathrobe and started to stroke me, I got wet immediately, then he unpacked his giant part and pushed it deep into my mouth. I licked his balls like a madman … When he took me doggy and I felt his deep, powerful thrusts I groaned until I came .. he sprayed very quickly. But happy too early, he continued to fuck me violently until he sprayed deep into me a second time and that without the pill. Hopefully he didn’t get me pregnant.

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Lollipopo69 – Timid stepfather Extremely seduced ..! POV part 2 HD 1080p

After a long wait I made it again my horny stepfather caught alone in the bedroom. Not so easy, because stepmother was always around him. He wanked his cock with relish… I heard that from my room.. I crept slowly into the bedroom, scantily clad.. When he saw me, he was embarrassed that he wanked himself on me. I liked it so much that I slowly lay down on the bed next to him and sucked his cock nicely. He totally freaked out with lust. Now the time had come, I rode his bulging cock pretty hard, so that he had to cum right away.. I hesitated to get him out because I wanted so badly that he would fuck me from behind.. He then unloaded the whole thing in doggy style fuck deep in my tight pussy, the juice just ran out of me! Such a great feeling!

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Lollipopo69 – OHH NO…Pregnant by my stepfather HD 1080p

When I came out of the shower this morning and just wanted to make a coffee in the kitchen, my stepfather surprised me with his morning wood.. immediately he went to kiss me and licked my pussy. Although my mum was still asleep in the bedroom, he rammed his thick part and deep inside me. He was so horny, he sprayed me his cum fully OMG! I have not been taking a pill for some time! Am I pregnant now? Sequel follows.

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Lollipopo69 – Used by stepfather after summer party. HD 720p

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daughter, step daddy, German

Was at a hot summer party …. I celebrated nicely and made the guys hot. When their boners were really hard, we went to the door, I was fucked really hard by the two guys, took turns sucking their cocks, then they ripped off my panties and fucked me both hard …. early in the morning I left taking a taxi home…since my stepfather was there for the weekend I walked quietly into the apartment but to my regret I woke him up. Then he gave me a lecture.. where I was and where I left my panties… then he started “little bitch I’ll show you some manners and teach decency”…he put me on the table and pushed his fat daddy cock into my sperm cunt….I made him so hot with my moans that he sprayed his sperm on my huge breasts!
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Lollipopo69 – Stepbrother caught wanking …!

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, German

My stepbrother was visiting me .. When I am in the bathroom came I could not trust my eyes …. my Spoiled stepbrother sniffing at my panties! What should I as well-behaved sister do ?? .. because I have to help out yet. I grabbed his cock and sucked him mega hard, then he was allowed to spoiled really use .. OMG! .. What have we hired merely spoiled ?? !! Would you do it with your stepsister ..?
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Lollipopo69 – Revenge on stepfather …!

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daughter, step daddy, German, Big tits

must be, I thought to myself and tied my Step Daddy in bed. I was already in a mini dress and sexy heels in front of him .. he could not believe his eyes! Then I started to make him horny .. With a sexy Strip and plump my Popo! .. Until I saw his cock popping was hard. I sneaked to him on the bed and rubbed me his penis with my ample ass, until he almost squirts with lust. Just do not look touched I told him. He could no longer endure to be so hot. is sweet! Then what happened, believe me none …!
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