Lola Marie

Lola Marie – UYC Productions – Thoughtless Obedient Housekeeping HD 1080p

British Female Training Mental Domination Mesmerize Mind Fuck Woman Following Orders

Lola Marie is renting my house, but she’s left it in a dreadful mess and ignores my attempts to make her clean it up. When she suggests I use magical powers to make her do it, I take out my pendulum and show it to her. As it starts glowing in front of her eyes, she can’t look away. And soon Lola is completely entranced and under my control. Now I’ll make that not only does she clean the house but a lot more too.

First my new brainwashed slave has to pose naked for me so her Master can examine her ebony body more closely and follow this up by spanking her ass for her bad behaviour. Then I have a little fun by making her walk around with her arms out like a mindless zombie. She is then woken from her trance and reacts in complete shock to being naked. I put her back into a trance and give the lazy slut a sexy maid outfit to wear. She then gives the room a good dusting with her feather duster. Once complete, Lola is ordered to the bedroom and given a sex toy to play with. I then have my slave get on her knees and give me a blowjob. Once I’m hard, I take her from behind, fucking her hard with my throbbing cock until climaxing. Lola is ten sent back to clean the rest of the house as my thoughtless obedient housekeeper.
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