Lola Leda

Lola Leda – Dear Diary: I Want to Fuck My Brother FULL STORY HD 1080p

From: Taboo Family Affairs

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Lola has it all at school, she’s head cheerleader and very popular. Cheerleading practice went great today but Lola’s having a hard time focusing on the routines. She’s been having unnatural thoughts about her brother Johnny that no one but her diary knows about. Lola writes how she fantasizes about him bending her over, bound and sucking his cock while he plays with her pussy. Then Johnny pounds his little sister and finishes off by cumming in her mouth. Lola tells her diary about her dirty brother fantasies writing about how much she loves rainbows and unicorns but especially rainbows. She describes her new outfit she got to wear for her brother Johnny. Lola writes how she wants him to walk into her room, grab her by the pigtails and put his cock in her mouth. Then he would bend her over, pull down her shorts and shove his manhood in her tight little pussy. She moans as she writes, getting so horny she stops to masturbate to thoughts of her brother Johnny’s big cock inside her and exploding all over her face. (Parts 1 & 2 – Full Story)
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