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You see your sister and your mother’s room trying on her Lingerie. You see this as a opportunity to blackmail your sister and to doing things that you want her to. You barge into your mothers room and see your sister taking tons of pictures of dancing around in your mothers Lingerie. She looks so hot you didn’t tell her that She needs to give you her phone right now that you saw what she was doing she doesn’t want to hand over her phone finally you get her to handover her phone and you send all the photos she took to yourself then you tell her if she doesn’t comply and do everything you say that you will take screenshots and show mother that she sent pictures to you which wasn’t true but it look like that now Your sister then complies you make her dance around in a thong for you she asks u done yet you say no she doesn’t wanna do anything else you tell her your bout to hit send if she doesn’t she begs you not to then u put ur cock in her mouth and gag your sister she wants this all to be over she begs you no more she a virgin you then put her to go on bed grind on ya cock if she doesn’t you will tell mother she comply then you put your big cock in her ass she hates u doing this then u tell her lie down take ur load she never did this she begs please no and finnally does what you wish takes a big load on her face and u fuck get virgin.pussy too and she starts to like fuckin her brother after all not a virgin anymore u naughty brother
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