Lisa Sophie

Lisa Sophie / Lisa_Sophie – Sick Sex Games With Step-Daddy’s Darling! HD 1080p

When my step-daddy’s buddy comes over, it always escalates! Like this time and actually it wasn’t planned at all. He was only supposed to take one package with him, unfortunately I gave him the wrong one and it contained my new toys. He noticed it immediately and was totally curious. I had a 50cm anal dildo, an XXL beating and a horny fisting hand. He immediately wanted to know if the parts fit, but didn’t believe me that I could put them all the way in. I couldn’t take it and we both ended up in the bedroom. It’s not the first time that we both had a session. But stepdaddy wasn’t allowed to know anything about his best friend fucking me. This time it was just crass and hardcore again. We fucked so intensely and blatantly. Every hole was fucked and we put the fat XXL toys in at the same time. Then we came to the 50cm anal dildo and I showed him what to do with it. He couldn’t believe his eyes and was so horny that he jizzed into my open asshole afterwards. It was just sick and messy the way we were having sex again. That’s the way it has to be… just DIRTY!

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Lisa Sophie / Lisa_Sophie – Stepdaddy’s friends are the best – fucked, licked and squirted on the face! HD 1080p (2022)

I knew that he could be counted on. My new bed was delivered and I had problems with the bed box. Since my step-daddy’s friend had already helped me before and he also took good care of me, I asked him for help again. Of course he didn’t say no and was able to fix the problem immediately. Suddenly he started questioning me and wanted to know if I had already inaugurated the bed. I had to tell him that the bed is still totally virgin and it’s just waiting to be finally tested. Since we’ve had a lot of fun together before, it didn’t take long before his cock was in my pussy. The hard cock fucked me properly and he really wanted to lick my cunt. I sat down on his face and he really licked them out. He was so good that I quickly had an orgasm and it was so bad I squirted in his face. I inject everything into his mouth and it just ran down. He also wanted to come, then took me hard doggy and distributed his load of cum on my ass!
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Lisa Sophie / Lisa_Sophie – Stepdaddy’s dirty fuck piece ripped open the ass! HD 1080p

I’m about to move and still had a really huge couch in the living room. Unfortunately none of my friends had time and the part had to be sent out as soon as possible. That’s when I came up with the idea of asking my stepfather’s best friend, because he had been keen on me for a long time and would certainly help me. He came over right away and said that he can help me, but that it won’t happen immediately because he has a lot to do. So I started flirting with him and when my hand wandered into his crotch, his mind changed abruptly! I wanted to give that a little more emphasis and offered him the choice of a hole. He chose my ass because he had been keen on it for a long time. But I underestimated his fat cock and noticed it extremely when it wandered into my ass. The beating tore me felt everything when he fucked me anally. I didn’t expect that, but it was real, because he could fuck super hot! I had orgasm after orgasm and as he slowly pulled it out and put it back in deep, I exploded and so did he. I got a fat anal creampie from him.
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