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Linsey Lust / LJFOREPLAY – Punished For Spending Daddys Money HD 1080p

Linsey was out with a couple friends while I was home going through the mail. I opened my latest bank statement to see that she had spent way to much of my money. I called her up and ordered her to come home. She knew what was about to happen. I made her put her fish nets on and get ready to be punished. I spanked her like the bad girl she is, made her swallow my cock and face fucked her while spanking her with my belt. Fucked her from behind and came in her mouth. I hope she learned her lesson

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Linsey Lust / LJFOREPLAY – Step Brother Caught Me Trying To Twerk HD 1080p

I thought I had the house to myself, so I decided to set up my camera and make a twerking video for my boyfriend. Half way through the video, my step brother comes storming in! I never heard him come home! Now this is embarrassing… He saw exactly what I was doing and said he was going to tell my step-father! I couldnt let that happen… So I did the first thing that came to mind, suck his dick in exchange for keeping this a secret. Of course he accepted, hes just a horny little fuck who stares at my ass all day.

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Linsey Lust – LJFOREPLAY – Step-Dad Gives Step Daughter Her First Facial HD 1080p

Linsey was out way past her curfew! She knew her step-mother was out of town and figured she could get away with it. After sneaking into the house late at night she thought she was in the clear until her step dad came walking in her room. He knew she was trying to take advantage of him, he confiscated her cell phone and threatened to call her step-mother. Linsey begged for him not to. He sits down and allows her the oppourtunity to convince him other wise. What Linsey planned on doing her step-dad was not ready for! She sucked his cock better then her own step-mother could! She sucks and licks his balls while shaking her booty like the dirty little slut she is. She gags and deepthroats his huge cock until asking him to show her what a “Facial” is. She had never had one before, and step-daddy was prepared to give her one! He completely covered her surprised face in warm cum and she loved every bit of it

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Linsey Lust / LJFOREPLAY – Sugar Daddy 4K

Blowjob Facial Cumshot

Hes a wealthy man married to a woman with no sex drive. Shes a hot young money hungry sexual devient. Its a match made in heaven. Every so often when he goes away for business trips and he flies her out to spend the night with him. She does everything that his wife wont, and he gives her everything she cant afford. Once she gets to his hotel, they briefly conversate over a beverage. She then jumps in the shower while he calls his wife and explains that he wont be able to answer tonight. She dries her self off and puts on some sexy lingerie with a collar and leash. She crawls to him on all fours and places the leash in his hand. She sucks his cock in front of the warm fireplace until he shoots his load all over her slutty face.
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