Lily Glee

Lily Glee – Live-in Slave HD 1080p

From: Mind Under Master

Lily Glee is summoned to his feet with the twitch of his finger. It’s late and everyone else is resting, but her and her master. She’s been spending the summer living with her best friend’s family and now she finds herself on her knees in front of her best friend’s step-dad. She knew this would happen, she saw the way he looked at her and she loved it. She couldn’t stop thinking about him and when the family had a Fourth of July party she waited until he went inside to make her move. She locked the bathroom and pressed her young body up against him. He stumbled back into the sink but didn’t put up much resistance, why would he? His wife hasn’t been paying attention to him, not the way she will. Lily promises to be quiet, to keep it a secret. No one knows she’s here, they’re all out by the pool. She kisses his neck and begs to show him how good she can be for him. He’s helpless to stop her as she slides to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth. Her submissiveness turns him on to the point that he can’t help but take control. He spins her around and pulls down her bikini bottoms. She moans with delight and arches her head back as he pushes himself inside her. She promises to be good for her step-daddy and at that taboo word he cums inside her. Nervously he slides her bottoms back up and send her back out to the pool with his cum dripping out of her.

That was the first time, now he’s in total control of her. She’s going to suck him off every night, she’d live on her knees with his cock in her mouth, anything he wants. The thought of his wife being resting upstairs just turns her on ever more as she worships his cock. Tears run down her cheeks both from feeling so blessed to taste him and because she shoved his cock deep down her tight throat. She begs to be his little slave, his perfect little girl as she pleads for his cum. She needs to know she’s been a good girl, she needs to feel it spill out over her hand. — TAGS: Lily Glee, step-daddy roleplay, blowjob, simulated sex, submissive, slave, cheating husband, step-daughter’s friend, co-ed, bikini, begging, whispering, binaural, home wrecker, nose ring, bathroom

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