Lilly LaVey

Lilly LaVey – Are You Qualified?


Ostensibly in search of a doggy-sitter, October has lured a sexy goth girl named Lilly into his home for an impromptu interview. He quickly runs down the details of the job, before chastising Lilly for her short shorts. Before she can defend her honor, October taps his timestop watch, freezing her mid-sentence. Feeling mischievous, October strips Lilly down, unfreezing her randomly in order to toy with the confused slut!

He slides down her little shorts and admires Lilly’s cute shaved pussy. He slides a finger in and laps hungrily at her clit. Feeling his frozen captive grow wetter and wetter, October unsheathes his impressive meat and slides the full length of it into his potential doggy-walker’s tight twat. A tap on his watch unfreezes Lilly again, moaning with pleasure and surprise. Before she can move, October simply freezes her again with another tap. His new watch is working great!

October pounds Lilly’s frozen cunt harder and harder. Listening to his balls slap rhythmically off her pale ass. He flips Lilly over and deep-dicks her doggystyle, noticing the lovely way her cute little asshole winks as her pussy struggles to take his big cock. All of this stimulation is too much for October; he empties a thick, ropey load into the wannabe doggy-sitter. Her interview is over. Time for her to leave.

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Lilly LaVey – So Much Cleaning HD 1080p



Lilly is a maid-for-hire who’s cleaning for a new client. No one is home, so it makes her job pretty quiet and easy. That is until a masked hooligan, armed with a timestop watch, creeps in and freezes her in place! He toys with the sexy maid for a bit, before stripping her nude and shoving her balled up panties in her mouth. The masked creep bends Lilly over and rails her from behind, then shoves his cock, still oozing with her pussy juices, deep in her throat. Before long, Lilly has a mess inside of her that she’ll need to clean up!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Maid, Stripping, Tattoo, Panties, Groping, Blowjob, Dragging, Rolling, Fucking, Body Views, Foot Views.

Category: FREEZE
Keywords: maid fetish.
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