Lilly Hall

Lilly Hall – Big Tit Boss Bangs Intern – Workplace #1 HD 1080p

From: Amateur Boxxx

Sean is the new intern at The Workplace. He sure is a fun guy, but not much of a worker. He constantly annoys the entire staff with all his little pranks and antics. This week he is up for review and really wants to land a Full-time spot at The Workplace. Only thing is his direct supervisor, Lily Hall, thinks he is a complete loser. Watch as Sean tries to smooth things over with his Big Titty Boss. Things don’t start well because of an annoying prank he pulls on her. But soon Lily opens up and let’s Sean into her world. His boyish bad boy personality is too much for Lily to deny. It probably didn’t hurt that Lily had been spoiled consumed with work the she hadn’t been laid in months. Watch as Sean takes her to pound town on her own desk. The two of them fuck like wild sex craved then Sean shoots his load all over his Boss’s face. I guess you could say Sean impressed his direct Boss. He’s hoping for a good review which should lead to a full time position at The Workplace. Stay tuned for more episodes.
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