Lexxi Steele

Lexxi Steele in Teen Step-Daughter is Coronavirus Virgin HD 1080p

From: Bare Back Studios

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Scene One: Step-Daughter is Coronavirus Virgin

I walk in to my living room one afternoon to find my daughter, Lexxi, crying on the couch! I ask her what’s wrong and she explains to me how she thinks that she’s going to pass away from the coronavirus because she is a virgin! “The coronavirus affects everybody; not just virgins!” I explain to her. “No, dad! Everyone at school told me that only virgin’s pass away from it! Can you please help take my virginity so I won’t pass??” she begs me. She starts to take her shirt and bra off and I can’t believe how big her tits have gotten lately! I want to tell her “no” but I can already feel my cock getting hard by just looking at her! “Can I blow you first?” she asks me. I tell her that she can do that as long as she keeps this a secret between us! “We’re only doing this for your health!” I tell her. She starts to lick and suck my cock and then she puts my whole cock in her mouth. “You should teach your mother how to do that!” I tell her. She hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock. Her big tits bounce up and down as she rides my cock. She lies down on the couch next and I fuck her tight, virgin pussy in the missionary position. “How does it feel to not be a virgin anymore?” I ask her. “It feels good knowing that I’m not going to pass away!” she exclaims. I accidentally cum inside of her pussy, but it’s okay because I know that my wife took our daughter to the doctor to get birth control pills! “Don’t tell your mother about this!” I tell her, as I run off to take a shower…
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