Lexxi Lynn

Taylor Pierce, Lexxi Lynn, Sherry Stunns / SexySherryStunns – Sisters HJ Revenge on Little Brother HD 1080p

Mother – son / Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play

Nicky has been a bad boy… he’s been spunking all over the house! On his sister’s pillows and mirrors and who knows where else, he has really been busy! Not to mention totally creepy! And when his mom confronts him about it, he thinks it’s “kinda funny” Well, does she have a lesson to teach him! She goes after him, clamping her hand over his mouth, and then calls her daughters in the room. She explains to them, that they are going to teach little pervert Nicky a lesson about why he shouldn’t be busting nuts all over his sisters things! They pull down his pants and start to play with his cock! Nicky tries to fight it, but he is getting hard with his sisters stroking his cock. Soon he is out and his mom joins in on the stroking fun. Her daughters are pretty new to all of this so she really shows them how! They all take turns stroking his hard cock and massaging his balls. If Nicky was aware of all of this he would be so happy! But of course, he’s not! But they continue to jerk him off to completely empty his balls so he can’t cum on any of their stuff anymore! They really enjoy having fun with Nicky, especially since he will never know… until they show him the video! The girls let their mom know that they like jerking off their brother, and Sherry says she will reward them with a trip to the mall when they are done! That makes them even more excited! Finally they have stroked him past the point of no return and they make him cum al over himself. They smear his cum all over his stomach and laugh at the mess. They decide to leave him there, spunked all over just like their things… for him to wake up and wonder what exactly happened??? Featuring Sherry Stunns, Taylor Peirce, Lexxi Lynn and Nicky Rebel
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