Lexi Dollface

Lexi Dollface – Stepmom Makes You Cum HD 720p

You walked in on me, your stepmom, giving a blowjob to the pool boy while your father was out of town for work. I beg you to keep it a secret, but you want something in return for your silence. You ask me to strip off my clothes and show you exactly what I was doing to the pool boy. I desperately don’t want you to tell your dad, so I comply and get on my knees to suck your cock. You shoot your load into my mouth, but you are far from done with me. Now that you’ve cum, you want to make your stepmom orgasm, and proceed to eat my ass while I masturbate. You get horny again and I hop on your cock and ride you with my bouncing ass. I can’t believe I’m fucking my own step son! When you’re ready to blow load #2, you shoot your cum all over my ass and asshole.

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Lexi Dollface – Christmas Gift for My Fiance’s Brother HD 720p

Brother-in-law / Sister-in-law Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, In-laws, Role play, POV, Virtual sex, Eye Glasses, Blowjob, Holiday, Facials

I wake you up in the early morning hours on Christmas Day. I’m awake and want to talk. I know I’m marrying your Brother in a few weeks, but I just have a question for you-and I want your honest opinion..do you find me attractive? I want to give you your Christmas gift in private, before anyone else wakes up. I have you close your eyes, and when you open, I am in my sexy red lingerie. I am your gift! I have always fantasized about you, and really want to fuck you before I commit myself to your Brother for the rest of my life. I climb on top of you and ride your cock with my tits out. After I cum on your cock, I give you a blowjob and beg you to cum all over my face. Ends with a facial, Merry Christmas.
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