lewdestbunnie – succubus sister: wet dreams HD 1080p

A voice whispers in your ear to wake up… huh? Opening your eyes, your schoolgirl crush is laying on you, flirty and teasing, like something out of a dream? The way her hand feels as she rubs your cock is way too real for this to be a dream though! She teases you more, with her words, hands, and… mouth? She was so enticed by all your precum that she’s now licking your dick, begging for more. You’ve never seen her more confident, climbing on top of you, taking her panties off and showing you how dirty they are for you, and sitting down deep onto your needy cock. With how tight and perfect her pussy feels there’s no way it can be a dream, but your vision blurs and her voice echoes in your head as she rides you til she drains you. You fill your cute schoolgirl and everything fades to black… maybe it was a dream? You barely have time to think as a voice calling you a “good boy” pulls you out of the dark again– but this time it’s your hot neighbor? How can this be? You once again struggle with reality as she finds and teases you about your cum stained blanket. You realize she’s hungry for your cock too, and you’re about to live another fantasy. It’s almost like she already knows what you want, but how could she know that you jerk off to the thought of her thick ass grinding against your cock? Does it even matter if this is dream or reality? Your dick can’t stop leaking cum, and your hot neighbor takes advantage of that, sitting down on your dick and milking you even more. You’ve already cum so much but still she’s sliding off your cock and showing you what a nice big creampie her “good boy” gave her. You slip back into darkness and the next voice you hear echoing in your head is one that makes the situation clear… and turns out you’ve been caught in a very taboo trap

FEATURES: brother x sister roleplay, succubus, taboo, family fantasy, teen, cum fetish, pov sex, riding, reverse cowgirl, missionary, blowjob, handjob, titjob, ass grinding, moments of trippy/distorted audio and video, manipulation, mild femdom, cum in mouth, cum on tits, multiple creampies, there’s so much action here lol, tons of dirty talk too, this vid is pure hot and horny!!!

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lewdestbunnie – daddy’s dreamgirl: taboo transformation HD 1080p

Warning: this movie is a very taboo roleplay fantasy depicting intense sex and intimacy between two consenting family members with heavy biological dialogue and impregnation scenes– if you are sensitive to any of that this vid may not be for you! if you’re a perv like me you’ll love this!

SUMMARY: Your daughter wants to find you the perfect girl to spend valentine’s day with! However, she has a tough time finding a girl who is a “cumslut who wants to be bred” as you’ve requested, and she doesn’t want to let you down so she offers herself to you. Although she thinks you’ll just laugh and thank her for trying — you want her to go through with your request. What follows is the taboo transformation of a shy virgin girl into her father’s impregnated cumslut — which turns out was your plan all along you clever pervert.

FEATURES: daddy x daughter, taboo, family fantasy, barely legal, 18 year old, teen, virgin, lingerie, impregnation fantasy, breeding kink, reluctant, fertile/ovulating, POV BJ, POV missionary, POV doggie, cum in mouth, cumshot on tummy, 2 big creampies, huge facial, there’s SO much cum in this vid!!!

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Little Puck, Lewdestbunnie – BREEDiNG LESSON: TEACHERS KNOWS BEST Pt 2 HD 1080p

After I make Bunnie watch her boyfriend give me his first load, she BEGS to suck it down and hopes that that’s the end of THAT lesson (in part 1). But I’m just not through with you two yet! We haven’t gotten to the special BREEDING section of the lesson. I walk you two through the different terms will be learning and experimenting with today, “womb”; “cervix”; “seed”; and “breed”. I then tell you to use your girlfriend as a breeding specimen for the next phrase of our lesson. She’s desperate to prove that you’ll cum in her because you LOVE her, but I quickly disprove that theory after taking your cock next and having you dump a fat load in me. I know that you’re a virile lad so I make sure to eke out every last bit of nut from you by draining you with a pov double blowjob with Bunnie. After your huge milky white load is all over our faces I then consider if that will be the last of our afterschool tutoring…or just the beginning.

THIS IS PART 2! Featuring Lewdestbunnie, student vs milf teacher, glasses, pov sex, cum play, impregnation breeding kink, big tits, spit, cuckqueaning your gf.

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Little Puck, Lewdestbunnie – like mother like daughter part 2 HD 1080p

The day after mommy (played by the incredible little puck!!) and daughter catch each other fucking daddy and son, they set up a trap for the boys. They tell their respective taboo hookups that they want to spice up their sex lives, and blindfolding their boys would be the perfect touch. That night, daddy’s all ready for kinky sex with his daughter again, but when his blindfold is removed he sees his wife! She tells him how fucked up he is for having sex with his own daughter — but admits she’s just as fucked up cause she’s fucking his son. Cumming hard from a sloppy BJ, he’s reminded just how good his wife is in bed! Elsewhere in the house, a son expecting to see his mother is shocked to find his little sister taking off his blindfold. She tells him that she’s been trying to get him to fuck her for forever, and he fucks her mom first?! The sister takes advantage of the situation and sucks her big bro off till he cums in her mouth, realizing that his sister may be a good fuck after all. The next day, the brother finds his sister and mom together, and mom tells him she’s keeping them home from school so she can properly teach them to fuck. With mommy’s coaching, he gives his little sis a huge creampie. Then, all are surprised to see daddy come home! Mommy sends her son to his room, and daddy walks in on his wife and daughter together, with his daughter begging to fuck him. Mommy says it’s her turn to be fucked now, but her daughter can suck her tits as she watches her parents fuck. Daddy finishes by filling his wife with a big creampie! What a fun, fucked up family!

FEATURES daddy x daughter, mommy x son, mommy x daughter, taboo roleplay, family fetish, POV sex, POV BJ, cum in mouth, spit, milf, creampies, titty sucking, girl/girl play, dirty talk

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Little Puck, Lewdestbunnie – LiKE MOTHER, LiKE DAUGHTER Pt1 HD 1080p

AN INSANELY FILTHY TABOO ADVENTURE. Bunnie pops into her parent’s bedroom with a skimpy new outfit she picked out for her date – but Mom isn’t there it’s just Dad…Bunnie can’t help but flaunt her tiny, supple body for you, her Daddy, and makes you watch her bend over and teases you. She has you eating outta the palm of her hand and the two of you make plans for you to sneak into Bunnie’s room after Mom’s in bed. MEANWHILE, the Mom, Me, is in the laundry room with you, my son, and I’m telling you that i KNOW you’ve been cumming buckets for me lately- the laundry has been heinous. Won’t you be a good boy like I raised you and just cum inside me instead? Less laundry loads and more Hot Mommy loads!! i strip out of my top and tease you with my big tits and since you’re such a good boy I tell you to come out to the living room tonight for a very special date with Mommy. LATER That night Bunnie comes into her parents room because she noticed Mom was missing and she just can’t WAIT for her Daddy to take her tight virgin cunt for the first time! And Bunnie just thinks it’s so much hotter to fuck in Mom and Dad’s bed. Mom never seems to be in bed with you anymore, right Daddy?. Enjoy it! Give in – We’ll be quick, I promise – fuck me Daddy, fuck me! You dump a hot thick load into your daughter and she tells you to help clean her up fast before Mommy catches you two! MEANWHILE,

That night the Son sneaks into the living room with Mommy to fuck. Mommy makes you eat her pussy and sucks her tits and then she rides you sooo giving good with her gorgeous breasts bouncing in your face – you empty a huge load into your Mother and she sends you back to bed. As I leave to sneak back into the bedroom with your Father, my DAUGHTER AND I bump into each other in the hallway and a VERY, INTERESTING TURN OF EVENTS TAKES PLACE!!

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lewdestbunnie – finally 18: extreme taboo movie HD 720p

Daddy Daughter Incest Roleplay

I’ve never met my dad. My mom doesn’t like to talk about it because… I’ll just say she doesn’t like the reason he left. But I got the best 18th birthday present ever– a card from my dad asking me to come live with him for the summer!!! I have no idea what a normal father/daughter relationship is but I’m excited to learn firsthand! My mom warns me before I go that my dad is the kind of guy a girl should be careful around, but that doesn’t make any sense cause he’s my dad! I should’ve listened to my mom, because it’s only after I was already living with him that I learn what kind of man my dad is and the reason he invited me to live with him specifically on my 18th bday. Or maybe it’s good I didn’t listen to my mom, because if so I’d never have had the chance to embrace the instincts I was born with ♥️ Warning: this video is a very taboo roleplay fantasy depicting intense sex and intimacy between two consenting family members, heavy biological dialogue, perving/spying, and impregnation fantasies– if you are sensitive to any of that this vid may not be for you!

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lewdestbunnie – daddy I know you watch my porn HD 1080p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Blonde, POV, Bukkake, Creampie, Cum Play, Daddy Roleplay, Titjobs

Using you real name as your MV username is so not discreet lol of course I’d find out you watch my vids! Tbh it’s kinda hot though so I made this treat for you based on how I saw you bought all my cumplay vids. It’s your dream come true, you get to see your new daughter give blowjobs, titjobs, assjobs, and get a creampie. And I’m wearing that exercise outfit you always drool over me in. You thought my sportsbra stained with sweat looked hot? Now you get to see it sticky with several loads of cum. I want you to imagine it’s your cum, daddy. And it’s your dick I’m shoving down my tight throat, squeezing between my tits, grinding my cum sticky thong against, and taking deep inside my tight barely legal pussy until the cum you fill me with pours out. So enjoy daddy, and maybe cum… to my room after? ♥︎
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