Lenina Crowne

Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne – Anal Humiliation for Lesbian Homewrecker HD 1080p

Roxy has been cheating on her husband and having an affair wih Lenina Crowne her lesbian lover. They are planning to run away together as Roxy has taken her husband’s money and they will be leaving for the airport together soon. Roxy is eagerly waiting for Lenina’s arrival looking out the window of her hotel room, finally she walks in and they both are so happy to be together again. Hugging and kissing each other, Roxy really missed Lenina and now they want to enjoy themselves and start kissing intimatelystaring each other in the eyes, stripping each other out of their sexy tight dresses. Then they both take turns eating each other out, tasting their delicious juicy pussies with legs spread wide open till they make each other orgasm with pleasure. After that Lenina says she has a suprise for Roxy, she comes back in dressed in stockings and heels and wearing a strap on. She wants to fuck Roxy better than her husband ever could and bends her over the sofa and begins pounding her hard. Roxy moans as Lenina fucks her from behind, stretching her tight pussy collapsing on the couch as she cums and then they hear a knock on the door. Roxy says that must be room service with their food but is shocked to find her husband standing there staring at both of them. Roxy demands to know how he managed to find them, he has ruined their plans toescapse for good and now claims he will turn them into the police. Roxy is furious and he must be bullshitting, there’s no way he would go and do that. The husband now says he wants a blowjob, Roxy laughs and says there’s no way in hell she’s goingnear him again. But he wants Lenina to do it, Roxy is disgusted at his suggestion and can’t believe he would stoop this low to get back at her. The husband wants revenge on the lover Lenina for leading his wife astray, Roxy does not care about herself but Lenina will be named as an accomplice if she does not go along with it. Lenina eventually agrees to do it, to save Roxy from going to prison. Roxy thinks this is a sick idea and Lenina clearly hates it but the husband makes Roxy his wife teach her how to suck dick and they both touch and suck his cock extemely reluctantly getting upset and say enough is enough they did as he asked now just leave them alone. The husband laughs at them saying he’s nowhere near done, now he’s got something else for his wife’s precious lover, he’s going to fuck her and teach her a lesson. They know they can’t refuse or do anything about it, Roxy tells him to go easy on Lenina she’s never had a cock inside her before, the husband puts his cock near her pussy and if he’s going to fuck her there, but then quickly changes his mind and switches to her ass and pushes in. You can see the pained reaction on Lenina’s face and he begins to stretch her asshole and Roxy calls him a bastard for going for her tight ass. He really wants to punish this bitch for wrecking his marraige and knows it will hurt Roxy more having her watch her lover get her ass fucked, stretched and gaped wide open. He continues to fuck Lenina’s ass with Roxy protesting and trying to console her but it’s so big Lenina is struggling to get through this extreme anal punishment, spanking her and using her tight asshole. Splitscreen view during this part so you can see close up POV of anal penetration & Lenina’s face as she’s fucked hard with Roxy visibly upset from watching the whole thing. Roxy begs him to just cum inside her ass and finish already, she can’t bear to watch anymore and he creampies her ass and as he pulls out he spreads her ass cheeks as it gapes open so wide that Lenina is farting out all of that cum, dripping everywhere. As a final punishment he makes Roxy his wife taste his cock much to her dismay.

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Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne – Perv Step-Daddy Cucked By Wife & Step-Daughter CEI 4K

You accompany your wife & step-daughter on a shopping trip to find your step-daughter a nice dress to wear to her graduation. Wife tells step-daughter to try on couple of dresses so they can decide on which one looks the best. As your step-daughter is getting changed, your wife catches you attempting to peek through the curtain. Wife scolds the husband for spying on his own step-daughter, telling him a lil pervs opinion does not matter but just know you”ll be paying the bill. Step-Daughter steps out and asks what”s going on, she”s disgusted to hear her Step-Daddy has been spying on her. They both decide to call in the hunky shop assistant they walked past earlier, they need a real mans opinion and someone with good taste. Your wife asks the male assistant, “Tell us does she look sexy in this dress, oh he does like it judging from that bulge in his pants”. Now my step-daughter does need a date to accompany her to her graduation I think you”d be a perfect match. Step-Daughter smiles at him and thinks she”d love to bring him along. Step-Dad on the other hand does not like the idea of this and wants to leave, but wife tells him to shut up and not to interupt her when she is speaking. Seeing as you like to watch so much, you can sit right there and watch your us enjoy this handsome stud & share his huge cock. Finally a real man to enjoy. I hope you don”t mind dear my husband isn”t anywhere close to your size I”d like to try your cock. They both are amazed by his huge cock and eagerly start giving him handjob & blowjob while humiliating the cuck step-dad. They both decide to torment him more, having him lay down on the floor as they look down at him, laughing at how pathetic he is. Wife despises him, telling how much of a useless hubby he is & how much of an embarassement you are. They continue to suck on that big dick as they slag off the cuck hubby and tell him to worship their big tits hanging out and to swallow all the spit like a good cucky. They eventually milk that huge cock & he cums in both their mouths letting all the cum drip down into your worthless mouth bitch, clean up the mess like a good cum eating cuck. They degrade him further labelling him a spit bucket, cum rag and from now on all he”ll be doing is taste the cum of another man. They tell him to get up and take these dresses to the checkout and pay for them. Wife is going to take the other expensive dress & wear it to her beautiful step-daughters graduation she has made me so proud unlike you. Get your wallet out and make sure you tip this handsome chap for offering his extra services too.

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Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne – Homewrecker BJ & CIM Behind Wifes Back 4K

Roxy and Lenina Crowne are back again this time we both are at your place for a party, but we quickly get bored and leave the room to confront you in the hallway. We have to whisper though as your wife is with your guests in the next room and we wouldn’t want her to hear anything she shouldn’t now would we. We know you have been eyeing us up all night and staring at our tits in our sexy dresses. We don’t blame you, I mean come on we are way more hotter than your wife and how could you possibly resist both of us now we’ve confronted you. Getting our tits out, we tease you and you get an instant hard on, no going back now so you may as well get your cock out for us so we can wank it and suck you off better than your wife ever could! Making you cheat feels so good, our glasses are empty so why don’t you fill it up with your cum, so we can taste it gulp it down.

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Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne – Mom & Sister Cuckold You With Big Bully HD 1080p

MILF Threesome Blowjob

Roxy Cox your mom and Lenina Crowne your big sister have just spoke to your teacher about your bullying problem but they won’t do anything about it. They bump into your bully in the hall and confront him, telling you to leave your son/little brother alone. Everyone is on your side because they believe you to be a good student as you are the star player of the football team and have brought much success to the school. However we can’t have you picking on him anymore and this has gone to far already and we decide to intervene. You smirk when we tell you how his behaviour has changed, he isn’t eating properly and he’s scared to go to classes. We ask you nicely to politely stop bullying him, but you still keep laughing, sneering and persist on tormenting him more. There’s got to be something that you want to put an end to this once and for all, be reasonable here. Roxy notices that you appear to be eyeing up my daughter Lenina, she is very pretty and Roxy smiles and tries to convince the bully to lay off her son and he can have her beautiful daughter instead. Roxy guilt trips Lenina into going on a date with the bully, you don’t want your brother to quit and grow up without an education or continue to be depressed and suffer more at this bully hands. Lenina is relucant at first but eventually comes round to the idea to save her brother from any further trauma. Roxy pulls up Lenina’s top to reveal her amazing tits and the bully is immediately rock hard and wants her, Roxy her mom assures her she’s doing the right thing. Lenina is on her knees looking up at the bully’s huge cock, Roxy urges her to suck it and get on with it as she pushes her head onto his fat dick. Roxy reminds her that she’s doing this for a good reason to protect her precious boy. Lenina really struggles to fit his huge cock in her mouth, jerking the shaft and sucking on the head. But Roxy tells her she has to make him cum before she can stop, she needs to satisfy him and finish him off. Roxy tells her to keep sucking till he cums in her mouth and they can all go home happy. But the bully wants more, he wants the mom Roxy to suck him too. Lenina comes up for air in protest, telling her mom to start sucking too why should she do all the work alone. Roxy agrees only to get him off her son’s back and start sucking on that big throbbing cock. The bully is greedy and wants both of them to share his cock and be filthy sluts gagging and sucking on his big balls. They are desperate to drain him so he will keep his end of the deal and stop bullying their son/brother. Suddendly the son/brother walks in as they are both on the end of the bullies cock. Now you decide to turn up to class as we confront your bully, he starts whimpering at the sight of his mom/sister sucking on his bullies cock. They are fed up of this nonsense, they mock him for being a little wimp and it’s all his own fault for being a pathetic loser no wonder he picks on you! They decide to teach him a lesson, sit there sobbing while you want us have fun with your big bullies cock. They continue jerking and sucking him off, watch mom and sis take care of your bully while you sit there like a good boy you useless cuck. See what you made is do, it’s all your fault for being a weak lil bitchboy. They praise the bullies big cock, he’s so strong and can last for ages. Lenina your sister is going to date him and your mom Roxy approves. We continue to verbally humiliate you as we take turns sucking on your bullies huge cock. He’s bigger, better and your nothing but a pathetic tiny lil cucky. We are going to milk him dry and spit out his cum and let it drip from our mouths onto the floor and make you eat his cum loser. Cum be a good lil clean up cucky and eat your bullies cum, the ultimate humiliate for a weak bitch like you.
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Lenina Crowne, Roxy Cox – GF & Sister Mind Fucked into Blowjob HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Blonde, Redhead, POV, Blowjob, Blowjob, Cock Worship, Mind Fuck, Threesome

Roxy your girlfriend isn’t too happy when you decide to whip your cock out in front of her and ask her to give you a blowjob. She does not want to yet as you have only been going out a while and thinks it’s better to wait till she’s ready for more. She hesistantly gives you a quick handjob but that will have to do and she insists it’s too soon for anymore. Then Lenina Crowne your sister comes in unexpectedly and asks what you guys are doing and why is her brother’s cock out in front of her. Lenina tries to cover her face and not look at it as they both tell you to put it away, instead of doing that you shockingly ask your own sister to join in. They are both gobsmacked that you would even suggest such a sick idea and there’s no way that either of them would go along with the idea of some sort of threesome. You decide to get your own way with them and fuck with their minds. You take control and they become entranced as they respond with “yes master” and now will obey your every word. Now both of them are the complete opposite and begin licking and sucking your cock, talking dirty as they share it and describe how big it is and good it tastes! They absolutely adore you now and can’t keep their mouths and hands off your big dick. Getting sloppy, spitting and drooling all over it, even letting you push their head down and have them hold it deep making the gag. They are so greedy for it and want your cum, they both keep sucking you off till you cum in their mouths and start playing with your cum letting it drip out onto their fingers. Tags:- Girlfriend Sister Brother Roleplay Taboo Family Mindfuck Submissive Sluts Master Sloppy Spit Drool Gagging Deepthroat Blowjob Handjob Blonde Redhead Big Tits POV JOI Cock Worship Huge Cock Dirty Talk Big Dick Cum play Cum in Mouth british, uk, united kingdom, irish, roxy cox, roxycox
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Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne – Nurse Gets MILF Knocked up By Sperm Donor 4K (2021)

From: Roxy Cox

Nurse Roxy welcomes patient Ms Lenina Crowne to the clinic and begins going through the procedure. Nurse tells her a little about the history of sperm donor and boasts about his many successful impregnations holding an impeccable record and is the clinics top donor. Nurse says he is actually just coming in to give a fresh donation now. Patient Lenina asks if she can meet him, nurse says that’s not possible because of privacy laws and not something they normally do, but the patient really begs and the nurse eventually says she will ask him if he’d be willing. Nurse Roxy comes back in with donor following her. Slutty patient Lenina immediately starts flirting with him. Says how much she wants to get pregnant, how this will change her life and it’s all she’s ever wanted. Lenina has read his record but didn’t expect him to be so good looking in person. Nurse Roxy shows Lenina his records but she’s not interested in readign through files and flings them away. She begins to question why she is paying for insemination when she can get it direct now he’s here right in front of her. She begins to teases him, puts his hands on her tits & squeezing them a little while the nurse tries to stop her getting around the system and tells her to follow the rules of the clinic like everyone else. Patient tells nurse not to worry, she’ll still get her money, might even be a bonus in it for her if she keeps quiet and they can get the insemination done right now. The nurse comes round to the idea as goes along with the new plan annd she says she is happy to assist and prepare him for the procedure. Lenina the patient sits back and play with herself, talking dirty and how much she wants to get pregnant. Nurse Roxy starts giving the sperm donor a handjob and blowjob with latex gloves and wants to get him rock hard and ready to fuck her patient and make sure she gets pregnant. Now he’s all ready to go, the nurse has Lenina lay back and spread her legs wide with tits out and her top pulled up so her belly is visible. Donor starts fucking her tight pussy, stretching her with his huge cock and she begs him to breed her and to impregnate her. He keeps pounding her while the nurse encourages him to cum inside her and fill her up right now. Lenina is squeezing her tits and he shoots his load balls deep inside her and she tells him to keep it in and not let any go to waste she needs all the seed and every drop of his sperm to get her pregnant.

Keywords: latex gloves, huge cock, jerk off encouragment, roleplay, blowjob, joi, submissive sluts, handjob, jerk off instruction, big tits, pov, taboo, titty squeezing, belly fetish, older woman younger man.
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