Lena Paul


Lena, your gorgeous step-sister heard how you resolved your argument with her sister. You convinced her long and hard till she screamed in joy. But Lena is a generous soul. She doesn’t mind that you fucked her sis till she gets her share. After all, even their mom told them to be good and caring step-sisters and Lena is always true to her promises.

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Cory Chase, Lena Paul – Boy Don’t Kill My Vibe HD 720p

Hot blonde MILF Cory is enjoying some rare alone time by soaking in a nice warm bubble bath. As Cory lies back in the tub and revels in the feel of the bubbles against her skin, she lets her hands trail across her body, rubbing her big tits and straying to her pussy. Once this dirty babe is all clean, she heads back to her bedroom and pulls out her large collection of sex toys, settling in for a long, luxurious play session with her favorite vibrator. Cory is so enthralled in her erotic wonderland, she doesn’t even hear her stepdaughter Lena come home with her boyfriend Cody! But when Cody goes to look for the bathroom, he finds his girlfriend’s stepmom moaning and gasping with pleasure as she fucks herself with her vibe, and she invites him to join her! When Lena goes to find Cody, it’s not long before the cute brunette finds herself in the middle of a threesome, where she learns that toys are great, but nothing beats the real thing!
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