Leilani Lei

Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx – Double Footjob On My Step-Brother’s Cock With Step-Mom HD 1080p

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#1 Clip in Footjobs!

Ugh, now that Aiden is older, he’s so mean and distant. He was so close to the family, but now he’s off talking to dozens of girls, and staying out late. Step-Mom and I have had enough of it.

He’s confused when we lead him in, walking arm in arm with him. He immediately notices the straps on the bed, but Step-Mom tells him not to worry about it. She begins unbuttoning his shirt, and I follow her lead. I help take off his pants, his clothes off of him, and Step-Mom tells him we have a surprise. She giggles saying it’s a good surprise, but Aiden has no idea what Step-Mom and I have been planning….

“See, he’s kind of excited about it. He doesn’t even know what’s in store yet.” Step-Mom smiles at his erect cock, and we push him on the bed, watching him fall naked. Now a little more frightened, Aiden squirms on the bed, but Step-Mom commands him to get in the middle. She gets on one side of him, and I get on the other side, and we fasten him down with the straps. I tell him to relax as Step-Mom and I bind all of his limbs tightly, spreading him on the bed. Even if he struggles, I know he can’t get out.

Step-Mommy and I touch Aiden, running our hands on his shaft, and gently caressing his balls. Step-Mommy presses her foot against his face, “I mean, you do like feet, don’t you?” Of course Aiden admits it, and we rub both of our nylon feet up and down his body, teasing him. Step-Mommy wraps her feet around his cock and strokes it, while I rub my foot against him. “Look at how hard you are,” I tell him, “…is that precum?” Step-Mommy holds his cock still, and I let the dribble touch my fingers, stretching it out.

Step-Mommy and I play with his cock using just our feet, and it drives my step-brother crazy. He loves our feet gently jerking his cock, rubbing up against his shaft. We share his cock for a while, admiring his dribbles of precum, and giggle as he trembles with pleasure. I know he wants to get off so badly…. I can feel my step-brother gripping my ass when Step-Mom isn’t looking, but I don’t mind; I like it when he touches me. I even love the taste of his precum.

Step-Mom and I even helped each other out. I would hold his cock with the sole of my foot, and Step-Mom would use hers to stroke him. We took turns exploring his cock with every part of our feet. I’ve never seen my step-brother so desperate to cum before. Oh, and to tease Aiden even more, I’d rub my nylon feet against his chest, and then move up to his face, him to sniff them. I could hear him inhaling deeply to get all of the smell! I smile, “You’re just throbbing, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t believe how dirty Step-Mom was. She was saying the naughtiest things I’ve ever heard as her toes rubbed up against him. Aiden was soaking our little pantyhose with his juices, and when we least expected it, he came! It shot straight from his dick, surprising us, and we were so excited to see his big load. It got all over my thigh-highs and feet, but I wanted to get more. Step-Mommy and I ran our nylon feet all over his chest, drenching them with his cum. Satisfied now, Step-Mommy told Aiden we were going to go shopping, and we left him there…all tied up!
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Auntie / Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, Cougar, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role play, Aunt, Mature, Panty Fetish

Leilani has been horny as fuck ever since her divorce from her pathetic limp dick ex-husband. Hot, young studs and long, hard cocks are all that’s on her mind as she’s on the phone talking about her urges with her sister-in-law. All of the talk has gotten her nice and wet, so she takes her panties off and places her fingers right on that nice pussy Knock, Knock! So caught up in her masturbating, Leilani had forgotten all about asking her nephew Conor to come over and help with chores around the house. Still flustered from finger-fucking herself, she just answers the doors butt-ass naked and lets in her nephew. Normally Conor would be in shock at the sight of his nude aunt, but he too had his mind distracted from a recent break-up As he’s sorting her laundry, Conor begins to sniff his auntie’s panties while jerking his cock. Aunt Leilani suddenly walks in on him, but being horny and slightly tipsy, she starts sucking her nephew’s cock. Time for her to finally have a good fuck! They take it to the bedroom and Leilani continues blowing her young stud of a nephew. Conor returns the favor, licking all over his auntie’s sweet pussy. He continues to blow his aunt’s mind away by fucking her crazy in several different positions. After a while of vigorous family fucking, Conor finally blows his hot load all over his auntie’s hot little panties! He better be careful when sniffing that pair!
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Leilani Lei – Seducing Her Nerd HD 1080p

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Milf comes home from work to find her husband’s son once again playing video games. He’s always trying to beat the next level. She wonders if he ever beats his meat. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in the 5 years she has been living in her husbands house. She needs to find him a new hobby. Sex! Not..
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Leilani Lei XXX Christmas Special HD 1080p

Grandmother / Grandson Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Mature, Granny, GILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, Family Fantasies, Role play, Grandma, Grannies, Petite, Small Tits

Leilani Lei wanted to give her Stepgrandson Billy a nice Christmas present this year. So she decided to give him her pussy! Watch all 20 min of the hardcore action.
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Leilani Lei – Gamer MILF Seduced HD 1080p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy, Mature, Petite, Small Tits, Video gaming

Leilani lei has been sitting in front of the TV all day playing video games. Well her stepson Billy Raw is tried of not getting any attention from her. So he pulls out his penis and she can’t resist!
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Leilani Lei – Caught Watching PORN! HD 1080p

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, Mature, Grannies, GILF, Masturbation, Small Tits

Milf Leilani Lei has once again walked in on her young man jerking off. To his credit she wasn’t due home for a couple more hours. Seeing his cock she can’t help but offer herself anytime he is feeling the need to empty his balls. She would be more than delighted to help him get off.
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Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx – Classical Conditioning HD 1080p

From: XXX Multimedia

Mother – son / Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, Blonde, Threesome, Mature, Sisters, Siblings, Robots, MESMERIZE, MAGIC CONTROL, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, FEMALE TRAINING.

Day 1 – My Step-Sister

I’m at the top of my class. I’ve been obsessed with what famous psychologists have taught us. Pavlov, Freud…there are too many to begin crediting. I’ve tried to run tests myself, but have hardly found the appropriate subjects.

Focusing my learning around Pavlov, I realized that I didn’t have a do.g to use my unconditioned stimulus on, so I’d have to make do. I’m sure you’ve heard the bit about the bell and the , the ever so popular “classical conditioning.”

But see, if classical conditioning exists, why haven’t we used it on humans? Surely there must be some way to train someone’s brain the way we want.

I called for my step-sister, and when she walked in, rang the bell (unconditioned stimulus). “Suck my cock,” I said, pulling down my pants. She just stood there with a disgusted and insulted look on her face. “HA! Are you serious? Are you doing one of your little psychology projects right now?” she asked. *DING DING DING* It wasn’t working, and she was getting more infuriated by the second.

After an embarrassing, failed attempt, she started calling for my step-mom, and I panicked. I went back to my book, flipped through the pages, “Gotta train the subject with the stimulus over time….” Guess I needed to keep practicing until I figured it out.

Day 2 – Step-Mom

“Hey step-mom,” I said, ringing the bell. *DING, DING, DING* “Whaaaat?” she said, barging through the room. I felt pretty confident that I had learned more, but also remembered that this wasn’t a one time thing. “You and that damn bell!” she whined. I repeated the same thing I did with my step-sister, “I want you to suck my cock.”

As you probably know, it didn’t go as well as planned, and she shoved me back. “Get the fuck out of here,” she said in an angry tone. Was I missing something? “Over time…over time,” I had to remind myself and not get discouraged.

A Week Later – My Step-Sister

My step-sister’s hips swayed from side to side, her eyes were emotionless and blank, and she followed my orders. It was fascinating. I was really starting to get some progress with this.

I was able to get her to dance, strip down, and even freeze. I was curious to see how far I could really take it, so I commanded her to give me a blowjob. However, all the dings started to get to Step-Mom, and as my step-sister was obediently bending down, Step-Mom barged through the room.

She was shocked to see my step-sister’s lips wrapped around my cock, “Make her stop! You can’t use your step-sister as your test subject.” I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there while my step-sister gave me a blowjob, and my step-mom yelled at me. I finally released my step-sister from her trance, and she horrified to see her exposed state.

She scurried around, trying to pick up her clothes, while my step-mom guarded her. Step-Mom snatched the bell from me, but I wasn’t worried; I knew I’d get it back. At least I was starting to get the hang of this method.

Day 10 – Step-Mom

After some time went by, I was eventually able to condition a response from the stimulus. I called for my step-mom, and as she entered, I rang the bell. Her eyes immediately glazed over, and I commanded her to strip. “Yes, Master,” she said slowly.

Without a thought in her head, she obediently got naked, and I commanded her to masturbate. Once I was satisfied with my experiment, I told her to get dressed. I snapped my fingers to get her out of the trance, and she was confused as to why she was in my room. “I don’t remember why I came in here,” she said. “Strange.”

She had no idea. This was perfect.

Full Training – Step-Mom & Step-Sister

I thought it was funny at first…watching my step-mom and step-sister quickly become trained by the sound of a bell. Maybe I’ve grown too selfish, too horrible of a person…but I rang the bell for both of them to come in. After all, I was feeling kind of horny.

They were fully trained at this point, always responding with a “Yes, Master,” and a blank stare on their faces. Their movements were slow, almost zombie-like, as they made their way to me.

I reminded them that they were my obedient slaves, and that they were going to listen to everything I said. With a “Yes, Master,” I began simple commands and then sort of…got selfish. Let’s just say that.

I groped them, made them strip, and then commanded them to suck my cock. I took my time fucking both of them, and then came all over their chests. Even with a simple command, I was able to get them off, too.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try. For now, I think I’ll keep this discovery to myself. The world isn’t ready for it yet.

This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, classical conditioning, Pavlov, conditioned stimulus and conditioned response, female training, trance, a training progression with step-mom & step-sister, 1 day, 2 day, a week later, 10 days later, full training, step-mom, step-son, step-sister, step-brother, family, first attempts don’t work, begins conditioning a response over time with bell, dancing, swaying hips from side to side, blank eyes, blank stare, “Yes, Master,” commands/orders, obedient slave, stripping, groping tits & ass, freeze, blowjob, step-son gets caught in the act of training his step-sister by his step-mom, step-mom masturbating, confusion, coming out of trance, double blowjob, clit rubbing, fingering, b/g/g, missionary, doggystyle, cum on tits, monotone, emotionless, hypn0tized talking & walking
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