Leda Elizabeth

Leda Elizabeth – Young Feminist Bound by Contract HD 720p

Lea is very opinionated coming out of school with her business degree. She doesn’t think women should have to conform to men’s ideas of “professional” appearance. She isn’t surprised that the Daemon’s Executive Placement Agency has offered her a contract. After all they are looking for the best and her “take no BS” attitude shows she is someone that means business. However Lea falters a moment at the latin legal jargon but realizes she may lose her opportunity if she hesitates and signs without knowing exactly what the last clause says.

Mr Daemon comes around to sit in front of her and Lea is disappointed but not surprised that he is just a typical man, trying to use his position to be inappropriate. Well she isn’t having it, she tells him off and then walks out the door, or tries too. She just can’t get her hand to grab the knob…she gets angry and a bit nervous, then, when Daemon’s makes her walk back to him with the snap of his fingers, real fear sets in
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