Larkin Love

Larkin Love – Cum In Mommy s Eager Mouth Taboo Blowjob HD 1080p

Some people would think my parenting methods are unorthodox, or even worse. I say, your perfect report card is all the proof I need that we’re on the right track. All you needed to get good grades was the right motivation. What does a boy your age want more than anything else? Blowjobs, of course!

You can’t bribe a young man with candy or toys anymore. He needs something to satisfy his hormone-driven needs and fantasies. Time to make good on my promise, son. Mommy’s eager, wet mouth is yours for the taking. I’ll make it an extra special wet and sloppy bj for you, too! You can even cum right in Mommy’s mouth and coat her long tongue in your hot young seed. Mmm!

Contains the following erotic elements: blowjob, taboo, milf, cum in mouth, big tits, brunette, pov

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Larkin Love – Mommy’s Taboo Handjob Wake Up Call HD 1080p

Son, wake up. I said wake up! Well, it isn’t quite morning yet, I suppose, but the sun will be up any minute. Guess you can see that I didn’t rest at all last night. I heard some gossip that shocked me.

Apparently all those study sessions you’ve been going to in the evenings never existed. You’ve been going on dates instead. I’m not mad, per se. I’m definitely confused. Who is this girl, and why wouldn’t you tell me about her? No, I would not “freak out.” You’re overreacting. But who the fuck is she, anyway? That girl is just a distraction. You don’t need her, anyway. Not when I’m around.

Have you made it to home base with her yet? See, your girlfriend doesn’t know your body like I do. Working your cock and making you cum is second nature to me. I did create you after all. Her touch could never give you as much pleasure as mine can. Let Mommy stroke you off, and we’ll put all this dating nonsense to rest. I’m here to take care of my boy’s every need. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO – VIRTUAL HAND JOB – MOTHER/SON ROLE PLAY – MILF – OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN – DIRTY TALK – TOPLESS – BIG TITS

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Larkin Love – Smoke Daze Edging JOI CEI HD 1080p

It’s time to toke and stroke! I know you like to get lit before a nice, long jerking session. But just how far can you take it before your mind is completely gone? Today, I’m going to take you deeper than you’ve ever been before. My beautiful body and sweet voice will convince you to smoke over and over again, plunging your mind into a sex and herb fuelled trance. Tits, ass, pussy, and my pretty face combine for a heady visual high, heightened by the mind-melting contents of your favorite piece. You’re putty in my hands. As your cock throbs and your head swirls, who knows what I might convince you to do? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to play the game.

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Larkin Love – Titfucking The Milf Next Door HD 1080p

POV Big tits Blowjob Titty Fuck

Come on in, sugar. What’s wrong? You can talk to me. When you moved in next door, and I told you that I like to help my neighbors however I can, I really meant it. I can tell you’re upset. What happened?

Your girlfriend cheated on you and left you for him!? That’s awful! I thought you guys were so happy together. And then she told you your dick was inadequate? Oh, I’m sure that’s not true. That’s just something that women say to hurt men because we know it’s cruel. Look, if it’ll make you feel better, I can take a look at your cock. I’ve been around the block, if you know what I mean, and I’ll give you an honest opinion . . .

Oh my god. Yeah, sweetie, your ex was just saying that to hurt your feelings. You’re not small at all. That’s ridiculous. Your cock is plenty big! In fact, I really like the look of it.

I have an idea. I think I can help you forget your ex girlfriend and make you feel a little better. Have you ever titty fucked before? Come over here and try it with me. Let’s have a little fun, just between friends and neighbors.
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Larkin Love – Public Tit Play Iceland Sex Saga HD 1080p

Welcome to the legendary Blue Lagoon hot springs in Grindavik, Iceland! Here, steamy hot mineral water gathers in volcanic bathing pools that attract visitors from all over the globe. When I was visiting Iceland, I just had to experience the springs for myself – and get au naturel in the process. How did I gather such salacious nude footage in a crowded world-famous tourist attraction? VERY CAREFULLY! They say the creamy white mud of the springs is good for your skin, and I get a good slathering on my bare tits and body. Is it me, or does this messy white coating look familiar? Let’s get that bathing suit all the way off and show the Icelanders my bountiful American curves! Contains the following erotic elements: public nudity, exhibitionism, tit play, swimming, bikini, outdoors, public flashing, big tits, wet and messy
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