Lacy Tate

Lacy Tate – Stop Texting Your BF & Fuck Me! HD 1080p

It’s not the first time Tony Rubino has fooled around with his bratty stepsister Lacy Tate, but he just can’t seem to get her attention since she got a new boyfriend. Lacy & Tony are on a family vacation, but all she can do is text her fuck buddy. Tony rubs her perky tits and touches her soft panties, managing to distract her from her phone for a second until their dad interrupts them! Lacy goes out by the pool and Tony follows her around and throws water on her hot bikini, hoping to catch a nip slip. But Lacy just dodges him while texting her boyfriend and hides in the stairwell. Tony manages to get her top off and plays with Lacy’s nipples and he finally has her attention! He slides her bikini to the side and fingers his stepsister’s tight pussy. Once she is all wet, she wants to suck her stepbrother’s big, hard cock and slobbers all over it. Lacy & Tony move things inside so he can split her pussy open. He slams her fluffy little muff into multiple orgasms, making Lacy soak & cream on her stepbro’s dick. Tony got so excited he creampied his stepsister’s fresh little pussy!

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You don’t know what it’s like living with a nymphomaniac. My stepsister Lacy Tate is one horny girl. I’m just trying to get a snack when she practically jumps my bones in the kitchen. She pulls out her natural tits & tries to get me to touch them, but we could get caught at any moment! While Lacy is flashing me, my stepdad walks so I (Johnny Love) make her duck down – she starts sucking my dick right there behind the counter while I distract my stepdad! Once he is out of the picture, Lacy keeps teasing me with her tiny ass. I break down and shove my big cock instead of her super tight pussy. I stretch out my stepsister as she rides my thick dick. Lacy orgasms on her stepbro’s cock and then dismounts to suck all her juices off. She begs me to cum in her mouth, so I nut all over her tongue and she happily swallows it all before asking to order some pizza!

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