Kross eyed Kayli

Kross eyed Kayli – Mommy Sucks Your Cock in the Kitchen HD 1080p

Mommy Roleplay POV Blowjob Facial

You walk in the door and see your mom wearing nothing but an apron… she asks you to help her with her recipe and she notices your raging boner pressing into her leg so she gets on her knees and starts licking and sucking your cock! She jerks you with her hands as she talks dirty to you. She takes your cock deeper and starts gagging on your big dick. She grabs your hips and shoves the entire thing down her throat. You put your hand on her head and she let’s you fuck her throat. She tells you how much she likes to gag on it and She rubs her lips and tongue all over the tip of your cock soon you can’t take it any longer and you cum all over her beautiful face!

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Kross eyed Kayli – Mommys Throat Gets Fucked HD 1080p

Your mom kneels in front of you and worships your huge cock polishing it with her lips and tongue and teasing you with her dirty mouth. She slides it deeper and deeper down her throat until your whole cock is throbbing in her hand and mouth and covered in spit. Then she stands you up so you can fuck her throat like a pussy. Her taboo dirty talk makes you so hard you can barely stand while she licks the tip. She presses her big boobs together and begs for a big load and you give it to her all over her face!

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Kross eyed Kayli – Daddy Demolishes Schoolgirl HD 1080p

Kayli got sent home from school for wearing a slutty outfit. She thought she was just going to get a spanking but instead daddy throatfucks her with his massive rock hard cock. She loves every second of it. She licks it and stuffs it down her throat and tells him how much she wants him. Then she lays down to get her tight pussy fucked from behind. She screams in extasy and begs for more as he stretches her tight hole and throbs in the deepest walls of her pussy. She Finally gets on her knees and gets a big sticky cumshot all over her face!

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