Kleio Valentien

Kleio Valentien – Asshole Landlord HD 1080p

Kleio and her husband are two months past due on their rent and have only managed to scfuck together half of what they owe. Knowing that the young couple is having money issues the Landlord pays them a visit…while the husband is at work. The creepy Landlord easily convinces the lone young woman that she can get another months extension if she just does him a little favor…

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Kleio Valentien, Zoe Parker – Vampire – Corruption of the Pure TWO HD 720p

From: Primal’s Dark Reflections

Step-Sister Zoey meets a new Nun, Step-Sister Kleio, that starts making her feel sinful desires. Kleio reveals herself as a vampire with a taste for the purest of victims. Zoey is taken by the vampire for pleasure and then for feeding as she gasps her last breath

Step-Father Markson comes to the chapel to prey and finds Zoey kneeling befor ethe alter. She tells him that she is in need of confession. What she tells the poor Step-Father is more than he can handle and somehow she fills him with sinful desire. As he begins to surrender to Step-Sister Zoey, the Vampire Mistress Kleio enters, nude and radiating her sexual power. Step-Father Markson tries to resist, but no man’s faith is a match for the life sucking creature of the night.. He is used to satisfy both Kleio and Zoey’s lust, and then they feed.

Category: VAMPIRE
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