Kitten Latenight

Kitten Latenight – HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS HD 1080p

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I have the best step-mom, I was home for the holidays and came home to a fully decorated room. I find my step-mom finishing up the last touches, she treats me too good. I guess she is returning the favor, we had a special deal when I used to live at home that I would help fulfill her sexual needs as my father could not meet them. It thought things improve but by the way, she jumped on top of me I can tell she still needs her sexual desires meet by a younger stud like me.
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Kitten Latenight and Cory Chase in Horny Bikini Lesbian MILF’s HD 1080p

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Kitten is on vacation at a resort for the weekend, and she met another MILF named Cory while she was down at the pool. Kitten asks Cory to come back to her hotel room with her, and Cory is eager and happy to spend some private time alone with Kitten! Kitten is wearing a leopard print bikini and Cory is wearing a purple and black string bikini, as the two MILF’s walk in to Kitten’s hotel room. The two MILF’s sit down on the hotel couch, and Kitten tells Cory “I want to confess something to you! It’s something really naughty!” Kitten ends up telling Cory that she has been fucking her step-son during this vacation, since her husband didn’t join them on this trip! Kitten is hoping that Cory won’t judge her, but Cory then tells Kitten that she also has to confess something now! “I have also fucked my step-son before! I thought I was the only one!” Cory giggles. Now that these two new friends have bonded, they decide to get to know each other a little better. They both pull their bikini tops to the side, and they lick each other’s nipples first. They tell each other how beautiful their tits are and how excited they are to finally be alone now. Kitten pulls Cory’s bikini bottoms off and Cory gets in to the doggy style position for Kitten to lick Cory’s ass and pussy from behind! “What a pretty ass and pussy you have!” Kitten says, as she continues to eat both of Cory’s holes out. Cory moves in to the missionary position by lying down on her back on the couch; Kitten starts to finger Cory’s pussy while she licks her clit. After Kitten makes Cory cum, it is now Cory’s turn to eat Kitten’s pussy! Kitten spreads her legs and Cory eagerly eats her pussy out. “I want you to ride my face now!” Kitten tells Cory. The two MILF’s get in to the 69 position and they both eat each others pussy’s out at the same time. They finger each other and lick each other’s clits until they both cum at the same time. “Now let’s go take a bath together…” Cory suggests. The two MILF’s walk hand in hand towards the bathroom…
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Kitten Latenight – Stepmom Motivation HD 1080p (2022)

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Being in school is hard, especially when you’re 19. Sometimes you just want to take the day off, watch some TV & relax. My stepmom Kitten Latenight doesn’t really agree with me. She says my grades are too low & I’m fooling around with girls. I (Jimmy Michaels) am not fooling around with girls, unfortunately. Kitten makes an offer I can’t refuse – my stepmom will show me around the ins & outs of women if I get my shit together & get good grades. Deal!! She lets me squeeze her big fat breasts & suck on her nipples first. Then she takes my cock out & sucks & jerks it. She shows me how to play with her clit before allowing me to slide my hard dick inside her MILF pussy. She grinds into me hard & fast, I think I made my stepmom cum! I fuck her while she lays on her back, legs spread wide open… while she squeezes her big tits together, I can’t hold it anymore & pop all over my stepmom’s face as she licks up my cum.
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Kitten Latenight – Milf Kitten Wants to Play HD 1080p

From: Touch My Wife

When our friend Johnny comes over looking for Peter, we use the opportunity to confront him about his mischief. Johnny, has been taking pictures of my sexy Asian wife, Kitten. Johnny tries denying it but the evidence is too damning – he starts apologizing right away. But instead of coming down on him, we make him an offer – fuck my wife with his young hard cock and nobody has to know about this. Johnny seems awe-struck as he touches my wife’s incredible ass. She starts blowing dick and even gives him a boob job. Johnny is excited and fucks my wife hard & rough, Kitten loves every second of it. Johnny pulls out of my wife’s pussy and shoots his big load all over her waiting face!

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