Kery Lynn

Kery Lynn – MILF 356 – Let Step-Mother Help

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Rachel’s step-son was home alone. Rachel and a co-worker had a flight to catch. He had a porn magazine and was naked jerking off. Her step-son, Brian was having a hard time getting off. He had a secret attraction to his step-mother and nothing else did it for him. Rachel and Keri came home early. They walked right in on him. Rachel was not surprised to find him like that. He spent a lot of time in the bathroom; she knew what he was doing. What did surprise her was he was not hard. She asked him what the problem was. He told her he could not cum. Rachel whispered to Keri and asked her to help with this problem. They knelt in front of him. Rachel told him he needed this so he could get out there and have a sex life. He wanted his step-mother so bad. Rachel unbuttoned her blouse to help him become excited. Keri did the same. Rachel took his cock in her hand and it immediately grew rock hard. He moaned thanking her. They stroked his cock and licked his balls. He said he wanted to cum but Rachel said he had to last. There was so much she had to teach him. She showed him her pussy and Keri got on the couch for him to touch hers. Rachel instructed him on how to make Keri cum, telling him to put his finger in her and rub her clit. Keri began cumming. This excited him tremendously. Rachel told him not to cum yet. She instructed him to play with her tits. Rachel spoke to him as his caring step-mother, assuring him it was alright. He moaned, and his balls turned purple. Rachel knew this would be the best experience of his life. The more Rachel and Keri told him what a good young man he was the more he wanted to explode. Finally Rachel told him to ejaculate, she put him deep in her mouth and he shot a load for the first time. Rachel opened her mouth to show her step-son what he was capable of. He was in awe. She dripped the cum on to her tits and in to her cleavage. Then she took his still erect cock and slipped it between her tits rubbing it up and down. He had never felt this good and was so happy it was with his step-mother.
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