Keri Lynn

Rachel Steele, Keri Lynn – MILF 381 – Sisters Suck Step-Son

Rachel and Keri have a very unusual relationship. The sisters are very close. They turn to each other when they need sexual relief. They were licking pussy on the couch when Joshua awoke from a nap. Rachel’s step-son walked into the room and could not believe what he was seeing. Aunt Keri had her face buried in Rachel’s pussy when he walked up to the couch. He caught them red handed. They quickly pulled their clothes on but not before he got a good look at all the goods. Rachel tried to get the upper hand and told him nothing happened and to go to his room. Joshua realized he had a unique opportunity. He told them that he wanted in on the action or he would tell his step-father about their lesbian relationship. They reluctantly agree to do what he wanted. He directed him to the bedroom and told them to strip. He made them kiss and suck each other. He got in the middle and made his step-mother suck his cock while he sucked on Aunt Keri’s tits and fingered her pussy. He made Keri sit on his face and suck his cock. He buried 3 fingers in her pussy and she screamed in pleasure. Rachel helped her suck his cock until he shot his load on their faces. They kissed each others cum covered faces.

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Keri Lynn – MILF 455 – Suck My Cock Step-Mom or I Will Tell

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Rachel’s step-son had been very difficult. He left a mess in every room of the house. Rachel had tried everything to get him to help but he was lazy. One day Rachel and her friend Keri had rested late. They both worked together nights. Rachel began yelling at her step-son for the mess he would not clean. She ordered him to go to her office and do his report for school. He opened the laptop to start his report and saw a porn video; it was Miss Keri and his step-mother sucking some dudes cock! He knew now what she did at night. He came into the living room and told them both he saw it and would tell his step-father on her. Rachel was furious at his cocky attitude and told him to shut up. He told them both if they did not do what he wanted he would expose both of them. They had no choice. First he had then strip then suck each others tits. He made Rachel lick Miss Keri’s pussy. He had them lay on the floor and 69. Then he dropped his shorts and them to suck his cock like they did in the video. They did as they were told. He told his step-mother to lie down and Miss Keri sat on her face. Rachel licked her pussy while Miss Keri sucked his cock. Ready he was ready to cum he shot a huge load all over her face. It dripped down her face onto his step-mother’s face. He made her get down and share the cum with his step-mother. Both women then swapped his cum. He told her he would expect this on a daily basis. Rachel and Miss Keri were blackmailed. 15 minutes long, 5 minutes free.
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Keri Lynn – Classic MILF 429 – Step-Mother Takes Charge

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Rachel is depressed because her 21 year old step-son has been complaining about her dressing too sexy. She was all dressed up one night to go out and he told her she looked like a slut. Since her divorce, Rachel has let her step-son be the man of the house. He told her to pack up all her short skirts and heels. She was to dress like a step-mom. Rachel ran to her room crying from her step-son’s disapproval. The next day Rachel was packing her sexy clothes when her slutty MILF friend Keri came over. Rachel was weeping and Keri wanted to know what was wrong. Rachel told Keri what her step-son ordered her to do. Keri was in total charge of her step-son and convinced Rachel to take charge too. Rachel took some time to think it over and realized Keri was right. After all Rachel was the one who worked and took care of him. He did not seem to appreciate that. Rachel and Keri went to the bedroom to transform her. Rachel’s step-son was watching TV like always. Rachel pranced out in the shortest revealing dress she had. She was wearing stilettos too. She sauntered by her lazy step-son and flipped her hair. Her step-son yelled at her and reminded her he ordered her to stop that. She posed sexy in front of him, smiling. He ordered her again. Rachel walked over to him and sat on the edge of the coffee table, her legs slightly apart with no panties on. Her step-son was outraged. Rachel calmly told him she was in charge now and would dress and fuck who ever she pleased. He protested. Rachel called Keri; she came in and sat next to Rachel. Keri was a slut to Rachel’s step-son. Rachel and Keri saw his erection and decided to take advantage. They pulled his shorts off and began sucking his cock. Rachel told him he has a real slut for a step-mom now. Keri smiled and they finished him off. Rachel ordered him to cum on their faces, like sluts. He knew now, step-mother was in charge. 12 minutes long, 3 minutes free.
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