Kendra James

Dixie Comet / Tina Lee Comet, Kendra James – My neighbor is a ROBOT!

The Kendra companion synth has come to her new neighbor’s house to welcome her to the neighborhood. The fembot greets her warmly with a basket of treats and a smile and is welcomed into her new Neighbor, Dixie’s home. The fembot is programmed to subdue and remove Dixie and replace her with a newer better fembot companion model, something more suitable for a young husband and fulfill all of his needs, but she soon learns Dixie is a lesbian. Kendra bot is unfamiliar and confused by this concept and begins to ask questions unanswered by her programming.

The neighbor mistakes the robot’s curiosity about their relationship for sexual interest and proceeds to seduce her. Dixie kisses the synth, sliding her hands down her body and pressing her pleasure buttons making the robot glitch imperceptibly. Kendra bot, however is eager to please, after all, she’s programmed for pleasure, and willingly parts Dixie’s legs to orally assist the lesbian. After an orgasm, Dixie wants to return the favor and she soon blows the reluctant robot’s mind, causing her to reset, her programmed interest in men now gone. Unaware Kendra is a robot, Dixie is confused and has no idea how to overide the malfunction. She maneuvers Kendra’s stiff limbs, looking for the power button and reset function, but keeps getting fatal error warnings.
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