Kelly Hart

Kelly Hart – Concerned Step-Mummy HD 1080p

I’m stretching out in my bedroom after a work-out when you (my step-son) appear.

I’ve been meaning to talk to you as it’s been very quiet of late when I’ve become accustomed to hearing the noises of you “working out” in your room. Don’t be embarrassed; the walls of this house are quite thin.

Are you OK darling? Anything you want to tell me?

How about I give you a selection of panties to get you going – I know you don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

See, that got a reaction! Can your step-mummy have a closer look?

How about I get my tits out for you? You like that don’t you?

Now, just keep staring at my tits and I’ll wank you off………

There we are, nothing for me to worry about at all!!

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Kelly Hart – Mummys here to comfort your peepee HD 720p

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No matter how many times in the night you wake, mummy will always comfort you back to rest. She tells you how she used to comfort you on the breast as a .. Do you want to do the same tonight? Suckle on her nipples? …. mummy’s hands always help do the trick when stroking a males peepee… Close your eyes and let mummy masturbate you to orgasm…….
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