Kate Kenzi

Kate Kenzi, Penny Lay, Sylvia Strange – Mutual Gratification HD 1080p

The orgy was great, but after hours of excess use and deviant, sexual activity, many of the participants have fallen into a contented rest. A man, his libido unsatisfied, finds three, hot, naked girls lying in bed together. The scene is just too tempting for the man to resist. Diving into the flesh pile, he samples each of the lovely ladies, and their tight, little holes, one after the other. Wondering how he can blast all three of them with a single load of cum, he takes great care in lining their bodies up and takes aim. Jets of hot goo rain over their sexy, supine bodies, anointing them with globs of genetic material. The girls soon awaken, happy to find themselves stickier than when they dozed off. – robomeats

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Multi-Girl, FFFM Foursome

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Penny Lay, Kate Kenzi, Sylvia Strange – Girl Time HD 1080p

The “gals” are on another one of their weekend benders. Kate, Penny, Sylvia, and their ostensibly gay friend Nate just got back from a very boozy brunch. They are chattering like hens and obviously hyper despite the gallons of mimosa. Their already low inhibitions toppled by the alcohol, the girls’ conversation quickly turns to sex, and before long they are playfully kissing and groping each other. Nate watches all the while, smiling like a happy fly on the wall.

Everyone decides to take their shirts off and compare boobies! Kate’s tits are full and round, while her toned body betrays an athletic past. Penny takes off her top next. She is a pale ginger, with deceptively large, soft breasts. Nate asks nonchalantly for a quick feel! Finally, the coup d’grace, Sylvia removes her billowy t-shirt and her gorgeous rack drops like hydrogen bomb. Everyone examines Sylvia’s big, perfect naturals for a while, before moving on to the next logical step and removing their underwear!

This is when sly Nate shows his true colors! The girls start kissing and fingering one another. Nate acts content to watch, but as soon as the girls really get going he slaps his watch, freezing them in place like a statue in Caligula’s dorm. A fake gay man with a timestop watch! He clearly has it down to a science, as he is able to move from girl to girl, hole to hole, like a hummingbird in a garden, sampling every delight with his rock-hard prick. He periodically unfreezes the ladies, to allow them to naturally change positions. The girls are none-the-wiser and Nate gets his jollies while the girls have their own fun! Win-win. – ROBOMEATS

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