Kate Alexis

Goddess Kate Alexis – Succubus Step-mum | ASMR Mesmerize HD 1080p

I’m your new step-mum and I really want us to get along better than we have been. I come into your room late at night and explain to you in my own unique way, how your pops and I got together. He was mesmerized by me you see, he fell head over heels and became completely addicted to me. We spent all day every day fucking, and I sent him home with the marks to show it! One day your mam caught us, and I made her watch while we showed her just how much control I have over him, it was so fun. Now it looks like you have a bit of a thing for me too… it’s ok I won’t tell, yours is nowhere near as big as your pop’s anyway so I’m not going to fuck you. I AM going to visit you every night though, in your dreams, and torment you with my incredible body and voice while you stroke away all your willpower. And then you’ll tell him just how much you like me after all, one big happy fam! This was a custom request and contains 3Dio ASMR, Mesmerize, Succubus, mind control, femdom JOI, eye contact, and so much more

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