Kat Danz

Kat Danz – Step-Daughter Blackmails-Fantasy Her Step-Daddy – Taboo-Fantasy HD 1080p

Step-daddy, I just found my favorite dress in the laundry room and there are these stains all over it. Do you know what happened to it? The stains are white and sticky. Step-daddy I know it’s your cum! God I can’t believe my own step-dad jerks off into my clothes. Ewww gross! You fucking pervert, do you jerk your cock over your hot step-daughter? And you really made a big mess! Do you think about fucking me while you jerk off to me, step-daddy? About you obsessed with me? Does step-mommy know about this? Something tells me she doesn’t. You like this tight dress on me, don’t you? Here let me put it on for you.

I know you want to fuck me, step-daddy. That’s why you jerkoff into my clothes, because you love how they look on my body. This was my favorite dress step-daddy, and now it’s all stained with your cum, probably ruined. How does it look? Your own step-daughter wearing a dress covered in your filthy cum stains. But I know you want to see what’s under this dress, don’t you step-daddy? So I’ll tell you what step-daddy, if you let me watch you jerkoff to my hot, young body, I’ll get naked for you. I knew you’d say yes. This is your fantasy, getting to jerkoff to your hot, young step-daughter. Stroke that hard dick for your step-daughter, what you usually do in the privacy of your room, do it in front of me. Stroke that cock step-daddy.

What would step-mommy say if she was here right now? I’ll bet she has no idea that you jerkoff to me, her step-daughter. She would be disgusted. she has no idea the kind of man you really are. Keep stroking step-daddy, stroke to your step-daughter’s naked body, stroke to the pussy you want to fuck. Why don’t you just give in and fuck me already, you know that’s what you want to do. I knew you couldn’t resist me. I know your dick gets so fucking hard thinking about me. Go ahead and put it inside of me, step-daddy. Fuck me step-daddy. Fuck me like you’ve always wanted to. I can’t believe you’re cheating on your wife with your own step-daughter. My pussy is so fucking tight, isn’t it? It’s so much better than your wife’s. I know you don’t fuck her like this.

Oh yes, I’ll bet your cum would look even better on my face. Do you wanna see my face dripping with your cum, step-daddy? Fuck me, fuck me harder. I know you want it, you fucking old pervert. This is your fucked up fantasy. Harder step-daddy. Fuck me with your wife right upstairs, you know if she found out about this your life would be fucking over. And that just makes you fuck me harder. Are you gonna cum for me? Are you sure you wanna cum on me? Think about it, if anyone finds out, your life is over. Your wife will leave you and take everything. Everyone will know what you did. You know this is wrong but you still can’t stop yourself.

Let me jerk your cock into my face, step-daddy. Do you like your step-daughter’s hand jerking you off? You sick fucking perv. You don’t care how wrong this is. You just want your dick pumped by me. Cum for me step-daddy, cover your step-daughter’s cute little face with your cum. Oh god, that was a huge load step-daddy. Look at my face, it’s covered. You’re such a perv. And now, I’m going to need about a thousand dollar allowance a week, unless you want me to tell step-mommy of course, and everyone else. And I have the evidence all over my face. It’s cheaper than a divorce, right? So pay up you old perv or I’ll fucking ruin you.

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