Kassie Kay

Kassie Kay – Learning to Blow My Black Stepdaddy pt1 HD 1080p

I can’t tell my mom how much I love giving sensual blowjobs to my black stepdaddy. He has taught me how to give blowjobs in a way that’s more fun for both the giver and receiver! I hate how mainstream porn only shows rough, fast blowjobs, where the women are obviously not having fun, and the men have to jerk themselves off to finish! My black stepdaddy thinks it’s better to take my time, give a nice slow sensual blowjob, which is not only easier on my arms and throat, but it also makes my black Stepdaddy’s orgasm bigger – and he never has to finish himself off! In this episode, Ill teach you a new way of giving blowjobs- and maybe one day we can suck my black stepdaddy’s cock together!

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Kassie Kay – Vaping While Sucking my Stepdaddy’s BBC HD 1080p

Vaping is so sexy. You dream about seeing my face in the heavy clouds of smoke, about my glossy lips wrapped around the tip of this big black cock. You wish you could help me worship and gag on this BBC as I blow smoke clouds in your face. I am inhaling slowly, exhaling in your face even slower as I tease you about how weak and submissive it makes you. By the end of this clip, you will become even more addicted to smoke and ME.

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