Karli Kane

Karli Kane – Cucked by Petite Wife Ex BF SERIES HD 1080p

From: Undercover Sluts

Part 1 – I came home from an especially tough day at work hoping for a nice evening with my beautiful wife. As soon as I give my wife a kiss, she starts grilling me about my internet porn history… she found out I had been watching cuck porn. It was just one of those things where if you watch porn long enough, you go down the rabbit hole and end up watching some really weird stuff. I didn’t think much of it, but my wife Karli gave it a LOT of thought. She’s way more into that I am. She, outta left field, starts telling me she wants to fuck someone else and have me watch, that our sex life is weak, and she NEEDS some new dick to “save our relationship”. This all hit me pretty hard and was a heartbreaking suprise. What’s worse, she invited her goddamn ex boyfriend over, so I didn’t have any choice in the matter. She said she was gonna take it slow, at least, and let me come to grips with the idea of her fucking someone else. So she gave him a (pretty hot) nude lapdance. I was simoultaneously shamed, enraged, and… really fucking into it. Boners don’t lie, and for real, I had one. This is all pretty fucked up…

Part 2 – So this bitch cheating ass wife of mine, who I deeply love by the way, invited this motherfucker over again, without asking me AGAIN. She said she’s gonna take it to the next level today, and I just have to be cool with it. For real, she’s a mean bitch and I don’t know where this is coming from. This asshole was sitting on MY couch, in MY living room, in MY house, with MY WIFE’s little hand wrapped around his big fat cock. Jealousy doesn’t begin to describe what I was feeling. To top it off, my wife is telling me to shut up and enjoy what she was doing… jealousy-boner. Is that a thing

Part 3 – My wife woke me up from my nap saying she had a surprise she was really excited to show me… I already knew what she had planned. Sure enought that fucking ex boyfriend was waiting sitting on MY fucking couch again. She tore off her clothes so quick it made my fucking head spin. I had no choice in the matter. I begged her not to, but it was too late. She already had his whole big fat cock down her throat. I haven’t seen her enjoy sucking dick that much since we were dating. I felt rage and disgust and I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm for his dick. I hated every second of it but when she begged him to face fuck her… I’m ashamed to admit I loved watching her struggle throating his whole cock. She hasn’t let me cum in her mouth in YEARS and here she is with her head bent over the couch sucking his balls and begging for cum. The look of smug satisfaction as this cheating bitch swallowed all his nut. She’s getting more and more vicious… I am disgusted

Part 4 – I pull up to my house and I get a text “I have a surprise for you” from my cheating ass wife. She’s trying to make a cuck of me, I just know it. Sure enough, I walk through the door and into the bedroom and she’s already stroking her ex’s big hard cock. There’s no stopping what she’s about to do, I got this sick feeling in my stomach, but I to be honest I kinda like the awful jealousy. I wanna watch her get fucked, and at the same time I want to freak out. She fucks him like she’s never fucked me. She cums for real, I can tell. She loves every second of it, only taking breaks from moaning and screaming to tell her how much of a pathetic little cuck boy I am. She gets her brains fucked in, and he wraps it up with the biggest fucking creampie load I’ve ever seen, and Karlie shows it off like a trophy, playing with her pussy as her legs are spread, rubbing his cum into her cheating pussy and ass
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