Kailey Ketchum

Emmas Secret Life, Kailey Ketchum – Seduced by Step-mommy for Daddy to Watch HD 1080p

Kailey’s step-mom calls her in her room. Kailey, who isn’t the biggest fan of her step-mom, tells her she thinks that daddy can do better than her. When Emma threatens to convince Daddy to discontinue Kailey’s allowance, Kailey becomes much more compliant so that Daddy will continue to take care of her. Emma’s terms: sex. Emma seduces Kailey and shows her exactly what Daddy sees in her. When Kailey realizes what it is Daddy loves about step-mommy, she gets really into the pleasure of what’s happening. The twist: Hidden cameras have been installed in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, and Daddy has been watching the whole time! Kailey doesn’t mind though. After all, she loves her Daddy

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