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Kaidence King – Cheating with the babysitter HD 1080p

From: Kaidence King – Kinky Klips

I walk into the room and see that you’re home. I’m happy to see you and I sit down next to you. Hey, can I ask, where’s your wife? Oh, she’s out of town. I haven’t seen her this week and for a second I thought you guys might be separated or something! So, you’re still married. Listen, I can’t stop thinking about you. And i’ve seen the way you look at me, I know you want me too. I know you’re a good guy and you don’t want to cheat, but why don’t we just play a little? We don’t have to do anything that would be considered cheating. I start stripping for you, eventually telling you to get your cock out. How is this really any different to you watching porn and masturbating, the only difference is that i’m in front of you instead of on a screen. This isn’t cheating. I look longingly at your big cock and ask if I can touch it. I convince you to let me touch it, as long as I don’t suck it, it’s not cheating. But when I feel how it’s throbbing in my hand, I can’t resist taking it in my mouth and giving you a blowjob, moaning as I finally taste you after all this time. My pussy gets so wet from feeling you in my mouth that I convince you to fuck me. We’ve gone this far, we might as well go the whole way. No-one will even know! You climb on top of me, missionary style and slide your cock inside me. I moan with pleasure as you fuck me, my boobs bouncing up and down with every thrust. I say how good it looks sliding in and out of me, and how good it feels. When I feel your cock starting to throb and I know you’re close, I tell you to pull out because i’m not on birth control. But you don’t, you cum inside me. I tell you that I can’t believe you just did that, but I smile and tell you it did feel incredible, you finally shooting a big, hot load inside me after all this time i’ve been fantasising about it.

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