Kaedia Lang

Kaedia Lang – Sis Doesn’t Just Want To Cuddle HD 1080p

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Custom video! Wide Shot, saying Alex in the video, wearing a t-shirt with something blue/sexy underneath. It is a late cold night and you step-sister comes to your room complaining she is cold. She asks you if she can be with you so that she can be warm but you refuse at first. However she makes her way to the bed and makes herself comfortable. She then thanks you for the warmth and gives you a small kiss. Then another kiss and then another until it gets out of hand becoming a bit passionate. Your step-sister notices you are turned on by feeling how hard you are and takes your pants off. There she starts licking and sucking you. Even though it’s still a bit cool she starts taking off her clothes and covers the both of us under the blanket continuing to suck you. She is then ready to have sex with you until you get on top of her teasing her pussy with your dick. She enjoys the tease for a while until she wants it deep inside her. That’s when you slide your dick inside her slowly and she moans in a cute way while you go slow then a bit fast. A short while later your step-sister tells you to stop to make sure no one is awake but you still do her anyway. After giving her a nice kiss you start to go fast and this makes your step-sister cum which makes her twitch. Your step-sister tired catches her breath and decides to ride you getting on top of you (cowgirl) in the front and sliding your dick inside her. While slowly riding you at first then going faster she takes the time to kiss you passionately. However you try stopping her because we were getting a bit loud and that you wanted to pull out. But your step-sister doesn’t listen and takes control riding you faster and harder saying to cum together. After a while a of riding the moment finally happens when the both of us cum together she twitches yet again exhausted and is very happy as she slowly gets off you. We couldn’t believe this happened and she lays on top of you happy to be with you. Enjoy
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