Julie Kay

Julie Kay – My Step-Sister Is Sexy AS FUCK! HD 1080p

From: DickDrainers XXX

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Theres been A LOT of change going on in Lil D’s life recently! He’s moved towns, switched schools and even joined the basketball team. And biggest of all, his step-mom got remarried. So D has a new stepfather…AND a new step step-sister named Julie. But not just any stepsister… D’s stepsister is FINE AF. Her face…her skin…her ass…her titties…he can barely contain himself around her! Every time she looks at him or speaks to him, his tongue stops working and his mind goes to some far away place filled with nasty activities….

Its starting to really get bad. His games have been off recently. He can’t concentrate on his homework. He knows he shouldn’t have these thoughts. They’re so wrong. Him and Julie…they’re family. But he can’t help himself. All he can think about is what her titties taste like…what her pussy feels like….

Those thoughts are in his brain when he gets home from school and he see’s his step-sister looking sexy as always. What D doesn’t know is that his behavior the last couple weeks has been pretty obvious. He doesn’t know his new stepsister well, but Julie isn’t the type to beat around the bush. She’s VERY direct. And also…very horny. So when she see’s D acting like a lovestruck school boy yet again…she knows it’s time to break him out of this mindset…especially since their parent’s aren’t going to be home for several hours….

“You’ve been acting weird for a while. What’s wrong?” Julie asks as she sits VERY close to her stepbrother. She hears his breath quicken. She knows there’s a stirring in his pants. She’s about to make her little step-brother grow up VERY quickly.
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