Julia Jordan

Julia Jordan – Ripped Pantyhose Footjob on Daddy HD 1080p

Cought daddy wanking on the couch and decided to help him. Oiled his cock, stroked it between my nylon covered sweet little feet and when he got ? full hard on, ripped a hole in my pantyhose just above the heel, inserted daddy`s cock in it and started giving him a hot footjob! Rubbing his old big hard cock between the skin of my gentle sole and the thin skin colour sheer pantyhose nylon fabric! Made him cum so hard inside the pantyhose, smearing my foot with his warm sperm! Daddy`s such a lucky bastard to have such a good girl:) Shot with 2 cams

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Julia Jordan – Mommy’s Nylon Sheath Handjob HD 1080p

She caught her stepson dressed in nylon pantyhose with a sheath for his cock, jerking while watching her pantyhose porn videos. Angry at first, but much more horny she ordered him to keep going and watched him. The view made her so wet and horny that she grab a nylon stocking to cover her gentle MILF hand and started to stroke his big hard dick, she sucked his dick covered in nylon and kept stroking it till he cummed hard in that nylon sheath like a bull

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Julia Jordan – Stepmom lets stepson touch a bit HD 1080p

Stepmom caught stepson spying on her in the bedroom. He was wearing a mask, but she recognized him. He pretended he`s done that because he has never seen a naked woman!!! What a liar! So he asked her if its possible to show him her tits….hm…may be also her ass…..and also her….Just wait to see what nappens next! There will be Part 2 soon! Super Hot

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