Johanna Rose

Johanna Rose – Housing A Teen German Foreign Exchange Student FULL SERIES HD 1080p

From: Undercover Sluts

Johanna, an 18 year old uninhibited redhead German came to stay at my home as a foreign exchange student, and things got really interesting.

Part 1

I signed up to home a foreign exchange student from europe. When I found out it was a german girl, I was hoping she was hot. And when she showed up at my door, yeah, she looked good. This girl does not speak a lick of english, but she’s very attractive and seems happy to be here. I showed her around, and gave her some privacy, but this girl just started walking around the house naked. This should be interesting…

Part 2

So this German 18 year old living in my house, she just walks around naked. I can’t tell if she’s flirting with me, or if it’s just a european thing… and I can’t ask her cuz she speaks ZERO english. I had to shoot my shot so when she came to sit down next to me on the couch, naked again, I spread her legs open and buried my tongue deep in her foreign pussy. Turns out she was into it, she even bucked my face as I ate her ass from the back. I don’t know if they do that kinda thing in europe…

Part 3

In addition to spending almost all of her time completely naked, Johanna has no sense of privacy. I was rubbing one out and she busts in the door, and when she saw me with my dick in my hand watching porn, she sits down on my bed instead of leaving. I mean, she’s a hot little German girl, so if she wants to participate, that’s cool with me. She speaks zero English, but we don’t need to share language to know she’s a down ass bitch. She ended up stroking my cock to completion for me…

Part 4

Johanna has been awesome to have around, but this morning took the cake; she woke me up with a blowjob. What a sweet girl. She’d have sucked my cock forever if I let her, but I had to bust. She doesn’t know much English, but when I asked “you ready for this cum?”, she knew exactly what I was saying.

Part 5

Johanna came out in a fishnet outfit tonight, and based on the lapdance she gave me, I’m guessing that she was a stripper back in Frankfurt. Before I knew it that lapdance turned into her bouncing on my cock with that big German teen ass, her bent over the bed, her riding me like a champ, and an 18 year old college student face full of cum.
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