Jessica Starling

Jessica Starling – Mommy Shower Voyeur POV HD 1080p

Mommy left the bathroom door open a crack while she showers, and you can’t help but sneak a peek. You’re entranced as she washes her body, water gliding over her skin. Mommy notices you, but of course her baby boy is allowed to watch! She starts washing herself in a way that is meant for you, a show, and she wants to know that you enjoy it. Mommy wants to make you feel good. She pleads her baby boy to come in the shower with her so she can take care of you. Mommy wants to suck your cock and have you fuck her pussy until you shoot your load all over her face. – taboo mommy fantasy

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Shay Sights, Jessica Starling – Mommies Always Cum First HD 1080p


The cute little neighbor boy paid Shay and I a visit. We could tell he was so nervous around two hot older women! Shay and I realized we could have a lot of fun with this boy. It’s so easy to tease him. And if we were both his mommies, I think he’d have a hard time not blowing his load. He has to last through all of our jerk off instructions while we tease him and play with ourselves and each other. And remember: mommies always cum first!

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Jessica Starling – Owned Completely by Step-Mommy and Her Strap-On HD 1080p

Hello, baby boy. I’ve been waiting a long, long time to do this. Today is the day I make you mine — completely.

You’re going to wear a collar and leash for me, always. I own you, I control you. Your cock isn’t even yours anymore — step-mommy decides when you cum, how you cum. And, you can ONLY cum to step-mommy. But, I know you’ll love that. You love step-mommy’s body, especially her big, natural tits.

That’s not all, baby boy. You’ll have to suck off step-mommy’s strap-on, like a good little fuck slut. And we’re absolutely training your little asshole to take step-mommy’s strap-on, too. When my strap-on is deep inside of you, you’ll know who you belong to. Aren’t you excited, baby boy?

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Jessica Starling – Step-Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn JOI CEI HD 1080p

Step-Mommy knows you’ve been a dirty . Step-Mommy knows what you’re doing with her laptop at night.

You’ve been stroking your little cock to porn — MILF and taboo porn no less, you filthy pervert. Have you been thinking about Step-Mommy when you touch yourself? You need to be punished.

If you like touching yourself so much, why don’t you do it in front of Step-Mommy? What, are you embarrassed? Stop snivelling and do what I say. My baby boy needs to listen to Step-Mommy and touch his cock exactly like how I say. Step-Mommy owns you and that cock.

And at the end? I’m going to make you lick up all your mess. Every last drop. Be a good boy for Step-Mommy.

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Jessica Starling – Impregnate Homewrecker POV Virtual Sex HD 1080p

Your neighbor doesn’t care that you have a girlfriend — all she wants is your load. Your girlfriend never has to know, anyway. Well, at least until you cum inside of your neighbor and get her pregnant. It sounds like a crazy idea, but your dick is already inside her. She has you. You can’t say no to her anymore, and all you can think about is cumming deep inside her tight, wet pussy…

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Jessica Starling – Step-Mommy Pegs Her Sissy and Rents Out Your Holes 4K

Step-Mommy has a treat for her sissy today. She knows her sissy loves obeying Step-Mommy, being used by Step-Mommy. Shes going to fuck you with her big strap-on dildo, but first we have to get that boy pussy ready.Step-Mommy is going to instruct you how to stretch your asshole so its all ready for her. Then, shes going to make you suck her cock like the good little sissy slut you are, and then shes going to turn you around and ravage that tight fuck hole.But, thats not all. After shes done with you, youre going to get fucked again. Step-Mommy needs some extra money, and youre going to help her.Several strange men are going to use your ass and your mouth while Step-Mommy watches and encourages you. You know you want to be a good little sissy and take all those cocks and loads for mommy.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Shows You How to Jerk JOI HD 1080p

You’re supposed to be in bed, but you go into mommy’s room to tell her something’s been preventing you from dozing off. When she asks what the problem is, you present her your raging erection. She explains that just means you’re excited and it’s perfectly natural for boys your age to have them, but you insist it’s preventing you from resting. Mommy asks if you want her to show you how to make it go away, then retrieves a large dildo for demonstration. She instructs you to copy her actions on the dildo on your own cock and to listen to what she tells you to do. You get even harder as mommy shows you how to touch yourself, and she remarks how impressed she is by your size. Mommy sees you staring at her chest and pulls out her big, beautiful tits to help you cum. Mommy knows you just wanted to show her your hard cock — she’s seen you masturbating before. You know how to do this. You just wanted mommy to tell you how. But, mommy says she’s happy you showed her, because the sight of her baby boy stroking his big, hard cock is making her pussy drip. Mommy gives you a cum countdown and begs for you to cum for her. After you blow your load, mommy moans and says next time she’ll help her baby boy cum herself.

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Jessica Starling – Home Wrecker Rides for Creampie POV HD 1080p

Your girlfriend is away on a trip, so you invite an old flame over to keep you company. Your intentions are strictly platonic, but *she* has different plans. It doesn’t take much to seduce you — she was the best you ever had, after all. She sucks your big, hard cock before getting on top and riding you, frontwards and reverse. You’re wrapped around her finger now. Her pussy owns you! You’ll continue to fuck her whenever she wants… even if your girlfriend finds out. Even if it ruins your relationship. She milks your cock until you blow your load deep inside of her.

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