Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes – Made into her Step-brother’s Slut HD 720p

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I know what my step-sister has been doing with my step-dad since she moved back in. When she left I was just a kidd. She doesn’t realize there are two men in this house. She is the first thing I ever jerked off over, and the way she has been walking around the house, half naked, it’s just too much. She hasn’t even seen me in the few days she has been back, she has no interest in her “kidd” step-brother, but I change that. I change everything…
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Jessa Rhodes – Jerk 101 HD 1080p

From: Taboo18

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Jessa Rhodes, How to Stroke a Cock

The first thing Jessa did when she turned 18 was a trip to the porn store.

She brought home a huge white dildo to practice her jerking skills. She was so excited to get started, she forgot to close her door.

Her step father walks in on her, startling her off her bed. She admits she knows nothing about exciting a guy sexually and wants to learn.

Luckily for her, Jessa’s step father is willing to give her a few tips. He instructs her to undress, but slowly with a sexy stare.

The rest of the lesson takes place on the bed. Jessa pulls out his cock and jerks it, guided by her step dad.

She takes control and rubs his dick against her nipples, down to her pussy. She wants his cum, using her mouth to get it.

She can’t wait for the next lesson.
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Jessa Rhodes, Jenevieve Hexxx – Vampire Domination – Taking Everything He Has HD 720p

From: Primal’s Dark Reflections

What happens when a poor, “Plain Jane” secretary meets a sexy creature of the night? Her old life ends and she comes back as something new, something irresistible, something , as her boss finds out. The new Jessa takes EVERYTHING the man has, everything.

Category: VAMPIRE
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Jessa Rhodes – Red Ronin – Broken Beauty XXX HD 720p

From: Primal’s Savage Tales

Red Ronin has been tied captured and tied to a pole. It’s been days, but she still holds strong. The king has sent his Torture Master to break Red Ronin’s spirit and turn her into a slave. The badass babe takes every lash of the whip with her head held high, clinging to her inner strength until that grip starts to slip away.

The Torture Master is back again. Will Red Ronin take the whip for another full day of torment, or will she give in and become the slut slave she’s tried to suppress for so long?

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