Jenna Ivory

Jenna Ivory – Lickin It & Lovin It HD 720p

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Blonde cutie Jenna Ivory is understandably furious when she finds out that her new step daddy tried to hit on one of her friends. She confronts Rodney about the situation and in the process, tells him that her mother is not happy that he doesn’t like going down on women. Jenna threatens to tell her mom he’s been flirting withyounger girlsunless of course Rodney learns to like licking pussy. And where is he going to learn a skill like that? He’s going to start right now with Jenna’s hot box! She thrusts his head down between her thighs and instructs him on exactly what to do. He starts off timidly licking her clit but It doesn’t take long for him to get the hang of it. Soon, it’s not just his tongue getting the action as he thrusts his throbbing cock deep in her love hole. Rodney discovers that not only does he really like licking pussy, he likes licking ass and toes too. He sucks on her cute little piggies for a few before he gets her to suck on his big sausage. She gives Rodney a sloppy, wet blow job that’s so good, he thinks she should be giving her own mother cock sucking lessons. There’s a lot more hot hard core and oral action before Rodney splatters her whole face with gallons of goo.
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Jenna Ivory – Step-Mom Needs Me to Be Her Man HD 720p

From: Primal’s POV Family Lust

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Part One – You Don’t Need to Go Out

I am heading out on a date, really hoping I get to 2nd base this time, and I don’t notice my step-mom sitting on the couch. She stops me, She tells me I am not going out. I don’t need to go out for what I need. My step-mom had me when she was young, she didn’t really date much, and she looks AMAZING for her age. I know my friends joke about wanting to fuck my step-mom when I am no around. And, now, my step-mom is showing off her amazing curvy body. She put on lingerie just for me, she is going to do a lot of things just for me.

Part Two – Step-Mom Catches Me Stroking It

Ever since that one time, when my step-mom rode me and made me fuck her, its like I cant be home and not have my dick hard non-stop. I am jerking off for the third time that day, my balls are still aching and I am jerking it hard when She walks in on me, I try to cover up what I am doing, but she is wearing this little nighty and I cant hide the tent. She asks me if I am thinking about some girl, as if I could think of anyone else but her now. She tells me its okay to masturbate, and starts to touch herself and encourage me to stroke it while she watches, but it doesn’t stop there.

Part Three – I Am Addicted to Step-Mom’s Pussy

Its been too long. Now my step-mom is acting like it never happened. Like I can see her everyday and not lust after her. Like now, watching her body as she vacuums. I cant let her tell me know. I have to show her that this isn’t going to stop. That I HAVE to fuck her, that I will go crazy if I don’t get it…
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