Jen Capone

Jen Capone, Violet Sky – Girl Scout Footjob On Stepdad HD 1080p

Jen and Violet need to sell some cookies! Jen knows Violets step-dad has lots of money and asks why don’t she just get her step-dad to buy the cookies. Violet ponders the idea and then Jen and Violet debate what they could do. Light bulb goes off in violets head. Violet knows he like feet and has knows he always wanted a chance to play with her. Violet decides the best plan will to be give him a footjob to extort the cash from him. Violet and Jen blind side Violets step dad. Violet him to the bed and makes him take off his pants. Violet and Jen out there feet on his cock and begin to stroke it. Violets step dad try’s to resist but the soft nylon soles gliding up and down his cock is to much to take. Violet and Jen demand he buy a box of there cookies as the rub his cock with there four feet. Violet makes him agree before she makes him blow his load.

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