Jazzy Jamison

Jazzy Jamison – Roommate Complication HD 720p

Jazzy comes home to find Rock, almost naked, napping in her bed. He tells her to shut up; he is such an annoying roommate. There must have been a threesome in the room because there are cum stains everywhere. He spins a pathetic yarn about the circumstances of last night. He cant take her shrill tone and freezes her as she climbs up onto the bed to kick him off. He lays back down and gets some rest.

When he awakens he remembers what he has done, and hes going to be in quite a bit of trouble. He decides he is already in so deep, he might as well have some fun.

He poses Jazzy, stripping her and putting her where he pleases. He lays down on his back and shoves his cock into her throat, pushing her head down deep. He walks around behind her and fucks her as her mouth remains open, just waiting for his cock to come back.

He lays her down and fucks her frozen body, lifting her and placing her down reverse cowgirl, his cock ramming her tight pussy. He spins her around and puts her hands on the headboard and makes her ride him, his hands spreading her ass. She rides him until he cums.

Finished, he pushes her over onto the bed and keeps her there, her legs spread, for a session late in the day. – ROBOMEATS

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Jazzy Jamison – A-Town HD 720p

Jazzys boyfriend, Rock is verydifferent. He surprises her with a new hairdo: dreadlocks. His faux-Jamaican accent is so bad it almost hurts her ears to hear it.

She thinks it might be time to break-up. He is the furthest things from a gangsta, hes from the suburbs for crying out loud! Aurora, Illinois to be exact. She begs for him to stop, but he wants her to love the real him, the real Rastafarian him.

She paws at the dreads and removes them, he is clearly trying to be someone hes not. If he cant be himself, then he needs to get the hell out.

As he leaves she mutters something under her breath about being a wannabe and that sets him off. He quickly taps his timestop watch and freezes her.

He poses her in several sexy and silly poses before stripping her naked and placing her on her knees and giving himself a frozen handgun and blowjob, shoving his dick down the back of her throat.

He moves her to the bed where he puts her on her knees with her ass up and fucks her from behind until he cums hard all over her ass.

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Jazzy Jamison – Real Estate Deal HD 720p


STARRING: Jazzy Jamison and Rock

Jazzy Jamison is showing her home to a potential client, Rock. Its a fantastic real estate opportunity, fully furnished, great neighborhood. Rock lays down on an ornate couch and tries to get Jazzy to admit that two people could possibly fuck on the couch. She doesnt seem to get the hint that hes hitting on her! He gets a little frustrated that she wont give him any special favors in addition to putting down a great offer for the home.

So, his trusty timestop watch in hand, stops her in her tracks and decides that it would be better if she came along with the house too. He poses her on her knees, skirt hiked up, and leaning on the couch. He sits next to her and props his feet up on her ass, his new ottoman!

He strips her naked little by little, until he has her just right. He takes her to the master bedroom and lays her down. He thrusts his cock deep down her throat as he gets hard. He fucks her on her back for several minutes, her legs in the air, shaking with the bed. He bends her over and fucks her from behind before making her give him a blow job on her knees.

He fucks her on her side until he cums hard inside of her pussy. He positions her awkwardly on her back and leaves her there for later.

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