Jayden Black

Jayden Black – Bubble Booty Lil Step-Sister’s BBC Revenge! HD 1080p

From: DickDrainers XXX

I’m Jayden. He’s Jake. My parents thought it would be cute to have our names both start with J. Probably thought it would help us get along too right? Well it hasn’t. Ever since we were young, me and my older step-brother haven’t been able to stand each other. It doesn’t matter if it was toys or books or video games…we were ALWAYS arguing about something. And a lot of times it even got physical.

Jake is just a know it all lil bitch. He always thinks he’s right, he’s always trying to talk down to somebody and he’s crazy AF. He’s told me multiple times about the twisted things he wants to do to me.

But this time….Jake has gone too fuckin far. He snitched on me to our parents and I KNOW that they’re gonna take my car away from me and ground me for months. Right when Spring Break is here too! I could break his stuff…key his car…mess up his room…but that’ll probably get me in more trouble.

But I know the perfect way to get back at him. Jake’s best friend is named Branden. He’s on the basketball team too and is ALWAYS over here. My parents trust him enough to the point that he’s over our house when they aren’t even there…like right now. I’m not gonna lie, Branden’s kinda cute. But him and Jake are really close so I never made a move…but recently, I’ve caught him looking at me…watching me like I’m a piece of meat.

The first few times I didn’t think nothing of it… but then I started wearing some skimpy clothes around the house and it was OBVIOUS that he was checking me out. I KNOW he wants this tight young white pussy.

And you know what? I’m gonna give it to him. I’m gonna fuck my step-brother’s best friend and let him stretch me out with his big ass black dick. Jake is gonna learn not to fuck with me.
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Jayden Black – Grounded Step-daughter Can’t Hold in How She Feels HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Jayden gets caught trying to sneak out in the middle of the night. She was all set to party, and is feeling Really Good. She puts on music and starts having her own little rave right in her room and when her step-dad comes up to tell her turn off the music all of her feeling come out and she can’t help herself
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