jasjaede / Lani Lust – fucking daddy before wedding HD 1080p

you walk in on me getting ready before my wedding. im pissed and tell you to get out but then i feel bad and ask you to stay and help me pick out wedding night lingerie. i need a males opinion. i try on 3 outfits before i notice that you are hard. i get grossed out and upset but you try to blame it on mom. i start to feel bad for you and i decide to help you out before i get married. we fuck in multiple positions and you cream pie me.

*includes taboo dirty talk*

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jasjaede / Lani Lust – cum for me, brother HD 1080p

i come into your room to hang out, but you tell me to get out and you call me a loser! i tell you that since you’re being so rude i wont tell you what i overheard mom and dad talking about earlier! i guess mom found taboo porn on your laptop, brother sister taboo porn! i always knew you were a pervert!! i decide to see if its just weird porn or if you really have a thing for you sister!!!

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jasjaede / Lani Lust – working out on my brothers cock HD 1080p

you offer to help me get into shape but while i am doing squats i notice you have a boner. i call you a pervert and am grossed out but i still want to get my workout in. im sure nothing will happen so i joke and tell you to take it out. you say you will but i have to get naked. i strip and start squatting over your cock before accidentally falling on it. i dont think its funny so i decide to keep riding you and completing my workout until you creampie me.

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jasjaede / Lani Lust – brother sister panty fetish pt.2 HD 1080p

i come to talk to you. mom told me you were telling her about ur panty fetish and things you wanted to do with me. i tell you that ive been thinking about last time and i have some things to tell you. i try on some satin panties for you while talking about what we did last time and also that i fucked dad. i tell you to keep it a secret. after trying on more panties i tell you that i have another secret. i want to show you before we fuck. i pull moms panties out of my pussy! i then let you fuck me. you cum all over my panties twice before you creampie me!

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jasjaede / Lani Lust – seducing daddy HD 1080p

i come to show you my birthday dress but you think its unacceptable to wear! i beg you to let me wear my dress but you arent budging. so i take another route… i start seducing you. i open my legs and start feeling up my body in my sexy new dress. i grab you and start rubbing your cock but you tell me to stop.. i know you want it, so i persuade you to take off your pants. i give you a bj and then let you fuck me (virtual pov sex). you get so excited you literally cum everywhere!! all over me and my new dress! ugh now i have to get changed again!!! includes sloppy bj, tit fucking, virtual sex riding & missionary, cumshot all over me.

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jasjaede / Lani Lust – step mom makes u lose no nut november HD 1080p

your step mom walks into your room wearing only a fishnet body suit! she overheard you talking to your friends about no nut november and she has no intentions on letting you go through with it! she starts teasing you showing off her body in the body suit. she then starts fingering herself right in front of you while encouraging you to jerk off while you watch! after that she gives you a sloppy bj, sticking her ass right up so you can get a good view! now that you’re rock hard she lets you fuck her from behind and then lets you turn her around fuck her more before coming on her tits! behind fucking using dildo missonary

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