Janira Wolfe

Janira Wolfe – Cum For Your Step-Sister So She Can Ruin It HD 1080p

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Your step-sister has called you into her room to talk to you. You enter and she starts yelling at you, explaining that Step-Mom and Step-Dad grounded her after you told on her for getting caught giving that hand job on the bus the other day. She scolds you and tells you that you never would have done something like that if you knew what her perfect hands felt like on your cock. Then she has an idea, she’ll show you what those hands feel like. You know you want to experience your step-sister’s hand jobs. So you let her have her way with you. Your sexy step-sister, Janira takes her time rubbing you over your pants, your boxers, and finally taking out your hard cock and letting you feel her hands. After oiling you up, while rubbing up and down, making you feel amazing, your bratty older step-sister tells you she has a surprise for you: She’s going to teach you not to be a tattle tale by bringing you to euphoric orgasm, and then ruining it by just stroking and stroking, using your own cum as lube to the fuck out of you when your cock is most sensitive. She taunts you and teases you, but she’s your older step-sister and you’ll do anything for her, so you let her dominate you, skillfully edge you and stroke your cock, knowing that once you cum it’s going to be painful as fuck to endure her hand rubbing over your throbbing post-cum member. And then, after you pop, true to her word, your perfect step-sister keeps going while you squirm for 2 minutes before kicking you out of her room.
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