Janey Jones

Janey Jones – Mommy’s Ego HD 720p

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The basic premise of the video is that of a lecherous college-age son preying on the vulnerable ego of his prim and proper mother. I envision it as a POV-style video with just you speaking and in the camera frame like most of your other videos. However, while most of your videos have a static camera, I would greatly appreciate it if there was some way to incorporate movement at times as if someone’s eyes were wantonly scanning you and parts of your body. Ideally, Id like your hair up in a bun, wearing a skirt with bare legs and wearing the flesh colored peep-toe high-heels that you wear in some of your videos. As far as underwear, a sexy matching bra and panties would be great. At the end of the video, you would be nude except the shoes, and your hair would still be up in the bun. Refer to yourself as “Mommy” frequently, especially in the climax of the video.

Junior would be coming home from a semester at college to find Mommy home alone in the living room appearing quite upset and uncharacteristically sipping wine. Junior and Mommy start with some small talk about college, but Mommy appears quite distracted, tipsy, and angry. Junior asks Mommy why she is so upset, but Mommy hesitates to share her concerns. However, with some cajoling, Mommy finally tells me that she fears that Dad is no longer interested in her as a woman. He’s been very distant lately, and to cap things off, she recently found a bunch of “dirty pictures” on the family computer that she automatically assumes belong to Dad. In short, Mommy’s confidence in her desirability to men is severely shaken. Mommy trusts Junior implicitly, and she would never think that those “dirty pictures” actually belong to Junior. Immediately, he crafts a plan to take advantage of her vulnerability. Through flattery and exploiting her trust and tipsy state, he convinces her that they can make Dad see her as a woman again if they surprise him with some pin-up style photos of herself.

Mommy is somewhat skeptical at first but intrigued by the idea. Since Mommy has no idea how to pose, she asks Junior for explicit instructions. He guides her through a series of poses. He starts out focusing mainly on her legs and gets more suggestive and provocative from there. Junior convinces Mommy to remove her clothes piece by piece with some up-skirt, butt, and cleavage poses. As they proceed, Mommy’s confidence and boldness continues to build. Suddenly, Mommy can’t help but notice the giant bulge in Junior pants. She can’t help but feel proud of the possibility that she is the cause. She is compelled to ask Junior to show it to her. It’s the largest cock she has ever seen, and she is in awe of its size, girth, and hardness. Furthermore, she can’t help but compare it to Dad’s tiny, flaccid penis. In the heat of the moment, she is consumed with the desire to feel Junior’s giant cock inside her. As Junior enters Mommy, she is overwhelmed by its size and hardness. She almost feels like a virgin again and can’t help but belittle Dad’s cock in comparison. Mommy soon reacts theatrically to a powerful orgasm, but Junior has not climaxed yet. Mommy begs “please don’t cum inside of me” etc. and then when the son DOES cum inside of her, she has a look of sheer terror and shock and then comes the realization that she’s been duped. Junior confesses that the pictures on the computer are actually his. The video ends with a look of shock on Mommy’s face.
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Janey Jones – Cheating Mommy Blackmail HD 720p

You are my Mom and I am your Son XX years old. I came from school and saw mom was laying on the couch in very tight jeans. I was looking at her hot ass. Mom didn’t notice me and i went into my room. She cooked in the kitchen and i was sitting next to her and was looking at her ass. Mom asked me if i can help her to bring down some plates. I take this chance to grab Mom’s hot ass and rub myself on her ass. She tries to push me away but I keep doing it. I grab her tits. Then she pushed me away and was angry and scolded me.

Mom brings me dinner in my bedroom but continues to scold me and make me jerk off in front of her to get it out of my system, but she is still angry with me.

Later I was in my bedroom and heard something weird coming from the living room. I went into the living room to see what happened and saw Mom and our neighbor having sex. Mom was riding him on the couch. I was looking at Mom’s hot ass from the side. Then they do it in doggystyle and Mom saw me and was shocked but kept cool and moaned louder so that the neighbor didn’t notice anything. She gave me hand sign to go away but i kept looking at her. After I saw that the neighbor was cumming, i ran back into my room.

Mom knocked on my door and went in. She was very nervous and wanted to talk with me about it. She begged me that i don’t tell anything to dad. She will do anything. So i take that chance. I was like really strong to her and say “okay stand up and show me in that tight pants your sexy sex!” She was really nervous and try to talk with me while showing me her ass. Then i lay down on the bed and say to Mom “come on top of me but with your ass to my face. Rub with your sexy ass on my dick in this sexy tight pants.” Then I say to her “Go change your clothes into some sexy clothes… like stocking, high heels …!”

After she was done, she asked me if was ready for her and came into my room. She was really sexy. I said to her “i need to take some good videos and pictures of that! So do some sexy now Mom!” After that all, mom was really horny and rubs her pussy in front of me. She pushed me on the bed and go on top of me and rides me really hard. I was cumming on her tits.
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Janey Jones – Bully Sex With Mommy HD 720p

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play

Mommy always gets what she wants! I walk into your bedroom and lock the door behind me. Immediately I begin stripping off your clothes, but you protest so I have to put my hand over your mouth to shut you up. I crawl on top of you and strip off all of my clothes while you still try to fight me off so I keep having to hold you down and cover your mouth. I slink down your chest and give you a sloppy blow job to get you hard, then have my way with you, riding you and demanding that you cum inside me until I cum all over your dick

Virtual sex scene featuring Janey Jones as your mother. With her on top both facing you and facing away.
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