Jan Burton

Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 6 – Nephew’s Fashion Advice HD 1080p

I’ve bought myself some new underwear .. I desperately needed some. And I have a hot date again (I’m such a lucky girl). But I need James’ advice about what to wear.

I hope he isn’t embarrassed when I slip into my different outfits in front of him. I also need him to take a very close look at my panties, to make sure I’m not showing off too much of my puss … he;s not talking to me, not answering my questions .. I think he’s aroused, his throat choked up by the moment .. well he IS a very inexperienced young man

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 5 HD 1080p

I know he means well, bringing me a fresh cup of tea in the morning, but its massively inappropriate for my nephew James, to stand and watch me while I rest nude.

But I heard him, and I let him watch, while I briefly showed him my nudity. Then I confronted him, challenging him. .. but ultimately inviting him to let his eyes wander properly across my mature tight body, and big boobs.

I love his young eyes upon me, its so wrong, and yet so right..

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 4 – Wet T-Shirt with Nephew HD 1080p

It’s a late breakfast, and I’m late up. My gorgeous hunky nephew James is already in the kitchen. But first I need my dustpan and brush to do a little cleaning.

I’m so comfortable with James being around the house that I am now becoming more relaxed about my clothing, a pair of knickers and an almost see-thru white t-shirt today, I’m sure lovely James won’t mind.

I don’t care anyway, I want him to lay his eyes on me. An accident with some water,. and off comes my top .. oh dear .. am I being inappropriate with this young man?

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 3 – The Morning After

Oh dear I’ve been a bad Auntie Jan haven’t I. I have been winding up my nephew James too much. Last night I came home a little worse for wear, and I fear I gave James a bit of a scare. Showing off my knickers with some upskirt, then stripping teasingly in my room, he could see me through the open door.

So this morning I’ve brought him a cup of tea as a peace offering. Oh dear .. did I forget to tighten up my robe? AND I’ve nothing on underneath .. I’m SOOO naughty !

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 2 HD 1080p

I’ve been a naughty Auntie. I had to go out for a night with the girls, and I was so pumped up by all the male attention that when I got in, I couldn’t stop myself waking up my hot nephew James.

I let him glance up my dress at my stockings and I teased him badly. Then I retired to my own bedroom, which is directly opposite his. Unfortunately I forgot to close my door, sop he could watch me as I slowly and teasingly stripped out of my clothes.

It’s ok, I let him know I knew he had been watching at the end with eye contact, a smile and a wave as I slipped naked into my bed.

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Jan Burton – Voyeur Gets a Treat HD 720p

I was minding my own business in my own garden, when the gardener comes to call and catches me applying lotion to my body ready for some sunbathing. But the cheeky bugger decides to watch me secretly for some of his own fun. He stumbles into view and outraged I kick him out, but not before I’ve given him look at my naked body and a blow job of course

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Jan Burton – Stepson TOM brings me off HD 720p

My REAL Stepson Tom is invited to massage me with oils and lotion. I HAVE to strip naked for him to do it, and he can’t stop himself .. he plays with my breasts and my pussy fingering me gently at first then harder till I writhe in the ecstasy of the orgasm he gives me. Filmed with two hidden cameras. Enjoy! Jan xxx

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