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Ivy Starshyne – Step-Mom and The Real Doll HD 1080p

From: Explore With Ivy Starshyne

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Step-Mom calls you in to talk about her leaving for a work conference. She’s half-naked and going over a few things, wondering if you downloaded the app she mentioned. No. So pull it up and do it! As you pull up this app, she’s telling you that it’s very important you create something preferably female and something that you can handle having around for at least a week. What? It’s a REAL DOLL! And Step-Mom’s thrilled because it will cook and clean while she’s away.

You’re not so sure. The app is a bit strange, the customization seems sort of… “excitable.” But Step-Mom is too busy to look at them. She says to put something together and direct it to clean on arrival. And why is she making you order a doll while she’s away. Because you can’t take care of herself. Look at you. Useless. It’s like you’re not even there. She needs to make sure dishes are done, laundry is folded, and that you’re well-fed. In all this talking down to you, you accidentally hit randomize in the app and get a pop-up that the order will be delivered soon.

Speedy delivery! Step-Mom remarks that randomizing is never a good route to take, but it’s too late. She tells you to avoid trouble and make the “doll” vacuum when it arrives. Oh, and don’t get too attached – she’ll likely get rid of it when she returns home next week. And that’s that, Step-Mom is away. And within just an hour… your REAL DOLL arrives.

Shock! This doll looks JUST LIKE YOUR OWN Step-MOTHER. When she smiles and speaks so politely, it’s clear that she’s not her though. It immediately gets sexual with you, and it’s clear that this is a doll meant for certain “pleasures” that your Step-Mother was likely unaware of, hm? You aren’t so sure, it looks too much like Step-Mom but isn’t quite her either… The doll notices this and switches into your Step-Mom’s personality, something she had access to when digging into your own profile and database.

And now she’s done it. The tone of voice and irritation in you, coupled with her teasing in the lingerie… it gets you. She sprawls her legs on the bed and mentions she’s been made EXACTLY as your own Step-Mom. To all specifications. Including inside. She coaxes you to climb up and inside of her to see what she means. And you fuck this real doll so good and cum so hard… it’s time for a nap! She says she’ll wait right there on Step-Mom’s bed for you. And you wander off…

As you rest off after that amazing cum load you pumped into a doll who looks like Step-Mom, your REAL Step-MOM walks through the door! She’s left the conference early. And when she sees the doll, she doesn’t see much of a resemblance. Stripping the doll of its lingerie and putting it on herself, she tosses the doll to the floor and reclaims her bed – taking note that it must’ve been junk, which is why you moved it into her room. And she’s very pleased to have some lingerie out of the deal!

Step-Mom falls resting… as you’re waking up for MORE. And you take the opportunity to just stick your cock right into the juicy pussy you’d pumped earlier. Only… you don’t know it’s REALLY Step-MOM! She’s so tired that she’s not even fully waking up, but when she does… GASP! What on earth! What are you DOING!? You want to stop but can’t… and you swear you heard someone telling you to keep going…

It was the doll on the floor! She was telling you to keep going… yes… yes… mmmmm… Meanwhile, Step-Mom was unaware. However, after some back and forth, the two are in agreement that you should keep going. Who cares, it feels… too… good… YES!
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Ivy Starshyne – Zoning Out To STEP-Mom HD 1080p

From: Explore With Ivy Starshyne

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy, Redhead, TITTY FUCK, POV SEX, DOGGYSTYLE, Virtual Sex

Your STEP-mom is HOT. No way around it. And it doesn’t help that she likes to wear super short shorts with her ass hanging out, and low-cut shirts that show all the good stuff. She’s such a tease in those clothes, you find yourself fantasizing about her… a lot. Just a general chat here and there with her takes you into different places completely.

And every time, in each fantasy, just as you’re about to cum, the reality SNAPS you back to a very hard cock and no relief. On top of that, your STEP-mom seems to be catching on to something. She asks for your help rubbing her calves, but has to snap you out of a great fantasy where she massages YOU with her ass grinding up on your dick. It’s becoming clear, but… she’s in denial to the end.

However, fantasy STEP-mom is everything you’d ever want. She talks dirty and shows EVERYTHING. And finally, finally… you get that big cum blow you’ve been hoping for… mmmm. Right inside her fantastically pussy.
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