housewifeswag – Slutty Little Sister Blackmailed HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Blackmail Fantasy

You walk in on your little sister talking on the phone. You overheard her planning an evening out with her slutty girlfriends and you’re supposed to be on vacation with your parents. Something about feeling united or being home again, yadda yadda. I bet mom and dad wouldn’t be too happy if they knew she was sneaking out to have fun like that. Sure, she’s an adult, but it’s still supposed to be family bonding time. You tell her that if she shows you what’s under her robe, you won’t tell them. It takes a little convincing but she relents. Then you tell her that you know she’s been having fantasies about fucking her brother because you saw it in her computer search history. She denies it and says that it was an accidental thing and that she’s never thought about you at all that way. But wait… have you thought about fucking her? You’re a pervert! Omg. That’s your LITTLE SISTER! So you think about her sucking your cock? And fucking her? She starts teasing you. You two get caught up in the moment and she ends up hiking her skirt up so she can ride you just for a few moments… Okay, seriously, it’s time to take her to the club like you promised her you would. Don’t you dare tell anyone and this will never happen again. Includes: bbw, big tits, big boobs, taboo, brother, sister, face fetish
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