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Hot Juls Fetishes – Please Your New Step-Daddy Cuck-Son – Cruel Step-Mom House Rules HD 720p

As my cuck-son, you have to follow my house rules. I come in and tell you that My new lover is moving in with us. He is dominant , Alpha male, and you need a strong male-figure in your life, being such a wimpy ass. He is paying the bills so you will be a good obedient bitch boy and follow the rules. No more potty-mouth, no more messiness, you will do whatever I tell you to be a good cuck-son. We will be getting married so you have to please your new-daddy in order for your Domme-mommy be happy.

When he comes home from work, you will have to take off his shoes and lick his feet, you will get him cold drink while he is watching sports, you will go between his legs and suck his fat cock. And if he desires, he will make you eat his ass . I tell you to get on your knees, put on special panties I bought for you and start pleasing your NEW Domme-daddy now. Starting with his cock, continue to his hot ass and feet.

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Hot Juls Fetishes – Suck Step-Son Worships Domme Step-Mom’s Hot Alpha Lover HD 720p

You can’t stop yourself from spying on your step-daddy in the shower. You know you are a bicurious cuckold. As soon as you hear the water start, you run to your step-mommy’s bathroom and hide behind the shower door, so you can sneak a few peeks of him, soaping up his muscular legs, ass and of course his big Alpha cock. You quietly sit and hope your strict step-mommy wouldn’t find you being such a little perv.

She confronts you and scolds you for spying on her lover. Being dominant but loving at the same time, she keeps you under a strict supervision. Once she knew about your sissy tendencies she took full advantage of creating her own in-house sissy step-son. The rules of the house are clear: If you don’t do your cuckold choirs, you will be punished.

She tells you to go to the bedroom, get on your knees and wait for your step-daddy to come out. “Sweetie, you did a bad thing without my permission. As your punishment, you will be eating your step-daddy’s ass! You will worship and lick his man hole until i allow you to stop”.

After awhile step-mommy talks dirty to you, teases and taunts you while kissing and sucking step-daddy’s big dick. She slowly spits cock juice in your mouth creating even closer relationships between us.

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